Patch #12: Into the Maelstrom

I’ll take “stuff we needed at launch” for 200 Alex.

New content when? Maps? Weapons? Classes?

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fruitful discussion in an echo chaimber where diversity of opinion is proclaimed as trolling, are you kidding, comments like yours oh boi no words.

FS is doing what the loud minority of this forum and reddit demands since day one, I will admit they do it very slow, but all the QQ and whining about things which “kill or will kill” DT and still 2-3k players daily. DT and VT are not for big audiences, to much skill and determination needed for that casual player base. If you want to keep the player base it has or expand on it, impliment content and balance, so the game keeps feeling fresh and new. Stop catering to the 5% of players, like me, which truly hunt for the last % or t3 to t4 blessing upgrade on a 350 weapon (which is totaly unnecassary to clear any difficulty and just something to appease my autistic completionist gamer brain btw).

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Then maybe it is time to stop listening to the loud minority (who claims that crafting is fine), and to start listening to the large majority.
Locks have to go.


Well I sure as hell won’t be offering feedback again.

You had zero intention of getting the communities opinion on this patch, announced on Thurday, released the following Tuesday.

Catfish you do a stellar job, but the people making the decisions are actual a**holes.


I am really with this “camp” as well, there’s nothing to do in the endgame.

I have all 4 characters, max level, best weapons and blessings, and all their penances completed.

What should I do with that Auric levels? Gain more resources I don’t need? On the same old maps again and again…


He said also:

  • nice patch
  • he said that locks system was already good enough
  • he hopes for new content
  • I guess he would want less remove the locks threads…

your interpretation. I believe that players have lot of reasons to stop playing, included the fact that crafting was not here at the beginning.
I doubt that 99% of players stopped to play cause they faced a system that doesn’t allow them to get a perfect weapon… this is an end game problem (if it is even a problem).

The game is like they described just before the launch. They were late with their promises, but they have delivered the entire system.
Now, we badly need a new subclass… so I would prefer that they finish their xbox port and that now they start to work on content.

In fact, I think that they should stop trying to understand the loud minority that ask for locks removal and just focus on everything that could drive away a new player, someone that has no “tide” experience.
And new content is part of that…


Outed as troll, atleast you are honest

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Which is an obviously stupid statement, that could basically only be made by soemone who is incredibly lucky, has no understanding of statistics, and has not looked at pretty much any thread on these forums (or is ignoring all the people who have been complaining since release).

Or someone who is simply lying.

That is not what i said. I said that it is one of the issues that ~99% of the playerbase have.

Can you stop lying?

If you read what they said, you will notice that they delivered the polar opposite of what was promised in regard to the crafting system.

Stop lying?

Ah yes. The loud minority of more than 90%.

Lying every time you post, will not make the problems go away.
Stop lying.


could we get experience points to finally contribute to the emperor’s gift? it would then make sense to play +%exp curios and mission mods for 30lvl characters


And this is a pure kek. How they could not recreate V2 mechanic on DT release. This was one of the biggest reason why so many players went away/back to V2, and when they finaly add crafting, oh boy…

No. Unique gadgets per class? Stealthy missions? Npc’s on maps? Acid rain condition? Attachments system? All these things were in magazine articles and interviews promoting game, form all that things it was sound more like Payday or GTFO. GaaS model with regular content drop, class per 3 monthes?

It’s not a minority, somehow i think you are a casual player without significant gaming expirience and you don’t know how games with loot and grind even works, like DT is your fist game or something. There are shittones games with itemization - destiny, division, heck legendary diablo 2, have you even played some games with rpg elements and a proper item progression? What do you think people feel when they see DT crafting if they ever touch some arpg/mmo game in their life? There is no another such game with 2 brain cells itemization system and with locks that bricks items. Uh oh grind more to remove 20% carapace damage and +1 stamina from your shotgun. It doesn’t make any sense, it’s unnatural and not organic.


Your 90% minority seems more like 50% on a ultra bias platform like QQreddit where ppl go to complaine when they are done complaining on twitter :joy:

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You have no understanding of probabilities.
I wonder if you still play the game? cause you could not think that your calculations are corrects if you had crafted weapons recently.

I doubt that 99% of the player base has this issue…

Your interpretation.
The blog you quote expose the crafting system. At this time, they planned to add voltides. They did not, and instead, after lot of discussions here, they changed it to the rebless system we have.

You really believe that 90% of the players are here at complaining about locks? you’re serious?
And no, not all steam reviews point to locks. Lot of players where lost cause crafting was not delivered in time.

Calling everybody that doesn’t think like you a liar or a degenerate won’t make you look smart…

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At what rate do you get T4 perks and blessings then?
One out of three? One out of two?

I call you a liar, because you are demonstrably lying.


Overall a good update if we look at it soberly… A little, but good step into the right direction… If I had to “complain” about something in this patch, then its the cost scaling for levelling weapons at the shrine… Still too expensive imo… They should drop plasteel over all tiers (maybe 200 for tier4??) and should use ordo dockets instead for all tiers… Like they do it for refinements… That’s all (ok maybe they should raise the outcome from the quick play mission… Maybe 20% for Ressources?? 10% seems not worthwhile)… I’m excited to play some auric missions tonight after the work… See ya on Tertium :saluting_face:


@Ralendil, I really don’t want to reply to you - I’ve been reading your contrarian rhetoric for months now, and while I generally support everyone’s ability to express their thinking, I detect real investment and not just trolling in your posts. It’s tiresome.
So, a compromise between my reluctance to engage and my repulsion of your stance and points: allow me to pull off a FatShark and provide you with the minimal answers and effort I can muster, while continuing to ignore you:



I hope this helps in clearing up any confusion on your part. I may write to you again next month. With the same.


Are these suppsed to be changed to maelstrom missions?


I believe these are still something else. We’ll probably get them in 2025.

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yes, they talked about this as possible features…
And you pointed the new subclasses… and you’re totally right. They are at late on this promise. However, they spend their time at focusing at crafting system…
That’s exactly why I would want that, now, they focus on content.
People that play the game every days see that we badly need new content.

No… I don’t like RNG. I played Diablo 3 and I think that’s just… uninteresting.

I did not played the games you quoted, however I played a long time a game where there was itemization. We add to collect parts of weapon and you could craft a weapon (you or someone else). The result was at random, but odds were increased if your skill of construction were better. As a result, in this game you had characters that were weapon crafter…

I would say that, from my experience (and I repeat that I play the game every days), you can easily find a weapon that will have 2 blessings T4 and 1 T4 perk… this just takes times.
So, what I consider as a lie is the situation described by a lot of players that argue that the current system forbid any player to get something good (I repeat that people tend to have different appreciations about what is a good, an excellent and a perfect weapon).
So the possibility to get an excellent weapon is not really the problem. However, the fact you have to farm a lot to achieve that seems a problem for me.
In Diablo 3 you don’t care of what is dropped. You take what is good, recycle everything else … mainly cause there are lot of drops. I really think that the problem in DT is the time investment. You spend 3 hours to collect resources and get something bad as a result, especially if you don’t have any method.
This patch permits everybody to rebless a weapon with 2 blessings. You can now test everything you want.

Believe me… I would just want that players are happy with the game. Obviously locks will remain.
So, as I think that locks will stay here, I also think that players need to realize this. Or they think that getting the perfect weapon is the game, and then this game is obviously not for them, or they love the core gameplay and then they can ask fixes for the annoying part of the game… but obviously, keep repeating remove the locks as the only solution, won’t permit the game to be improved.

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What a load.

So you mean to tell me that this is the best you can do?

And for those of us who have ALREADY refined and reblessed weapons using the previous system, thus nullifying any potential gain this change might provide, do we get a free spin?

Oh okay so this adds us all the way up to where we were already. Fantastic.

You guys sure have a “novel” way of showing your appreciation for those who’ve stuck around. Maybe you can kick it up a notch and find a way to somehow also cause us all to contract hemophilia with the next patch.


I mentioned it in the last thread. I’ll bring it up here.
I think just simply removing the graphic for the locks would be a major positive change.
IE, the World of Warcraft exp penalty vs rested exp bonus thing.

A lot of the negativity around the locks as a mechanic can be defanged by just removing that icon as a graphical element while preserving the intended progression mechanics/gameplay loop.
You’re most of the way there already with this spiffy new modified icon.

As always up to you guys.