Cooperative thread: Weapons and blessings bugged

I desperately need the Ogryn Shovel to be fixed. It shouldn’t have that weird limit on the number of targets it can hit at only 3!

Same… and I need Rashad fixed.

I hate that we have only one axe really good

Skullcrusher on veteran’s shovel is working as intended. The damage buff applies only when the enemy is staggered (see dev response in the post).

Tactical Axes not pushing poxbursters has been fixed already. (patch 1.0.22)



Warp flurry pause bug got fixed on 1.0.40 for Purgatus and Surge staves.



Thank you for compiling this list. The god emperor would be proud, and embarrassed


Small contribution:

Plasma gun hip fire attack damage is inconsistent both compared to each other and the numbers indicated in the attack breakdown screen: Plasma gun damage incosistancy


Not sure if this is what you are looking for here, but Blaze Away is bugged on Lorenz MK VI Rumbler: you never get more than 1 stack, no matter how long you keep shooting, and description says it stacks 5 times.

Please add the link to a bug report :grinning:

I suspect it’s not a real bug, but more like cAxe maniac bonus dmg “bug”. Also I’m too lazy to write a proper bug report :grimacing:

It’s a shame that a blessing slot is kind of wasted though.

Surge blessing on voidstaff is not working either i have extracted blessing and put on 2 different void staffs none of them work

Achlys Heavy Stubber trigger reset? Holding fire while reloading does not resume firing when reload completes (as it does with the Krourk and Gorg). This can give you annoying behaviors if you hold fire too soon before the reload completes (no shooty, let go of trigger, press again, shooty). 100% reproduction, happens every time.

Please include a link to the bug report validated by fatshark.

The idea is also to see if Fatshark validates it is a bug.
I can only list such bugs, documented and validated.

If you can’t find one, then it is time to submit a bug report :slight_smile:


Updates from all bug reports from me.

  1. [Kickback] The blessing Expansive only applies for the first heavy melee strike - :white_check_mark:
  2. Blessing Shattering Impact does not work correctly - :white_check_mark:
    2.1. Shattering Impact does not affect the amount of damage the direct impact has due to the direct impact already ignoring armour values.
  3. Blessing Sustained Fire does not apply on Trauma force and Voidstrike Staff - :white_check_mark:

Not yet fixed:

  1. Blessing Sustained Fire does not apply on Trauma force and Voidstrike Staff - :x:
  2. Blessing Cavalcade does not work on Foe-Rend Mk VI Ripper Gun - :x:
    2.1. Recent tests show that Cavalcade does stack up while shooting, but does not affect the amount of critical hits IF you’re firing in braced mode. IF you’r NOT using braced mode, this blessing seems to work.
    2.2. I will make a new bug report as this one has been closed.

New bug reports:

  1. Reload animation is interrupted on Mk VII Heavy Stubber - :ok:
  2. Blessing Thrust does not stack 3 times in chained heavy blows - :ok:
  3. [Ripper Gun Mk VI | Blessing Cavalcade] Critical hits calculated correcly - :arrows_counterclockwise:

All updated
Removed also Fire frenzy bug