Recommended blessings?

Now that we actually can have influence on our blessings - which two blessings for the following weapon categories are your recommendations and why?

psykers staffs

Force sword

Duelling sword


Power Maul


Grenadier gauntlet

Heavy Stubber

Ripper gun






Combat axe

power sword

Combat blade

Combat sword


Infantry Lasgun

Infantry autogun

Lucius Lasgun

Headhunter autogun

Plasma gun


They’re mostly bad. Warp nexus for Purg, Warp Flurry and Rending for trauma, transfer peril for void. Focused channeling for any of them if you like the utility.

Slaughterer and Deflector. Launch AB with a slaughterer force sword out and watch everything melt.

Rampage. Riposte seems ok now and uncanny is ok.

Just don’t use it. But it you must skullcrusher and confident strike

Skullcrusher and confident strike

Slaughterer and confident strike/momentum

Blaze away and rending.

Blaze away and probably charmed

Adhesive and blaze away. Shattering also OK.

Blaze away and can opener

Savage Sweep and Rampage

Rending and Pinning

Blaze away + whatever

Probably Rampage and Savage. Maybe shred if doing it with crit Zealot.

Brutal momentum + head Taker/decimator

Slaughterer + power cycler/rampage

Haymaker and Uncanny

You mean devil’s claw? Rampage, Savage, Shred. Hammer blow for the meme CC sword.

Crucian, No Respite.

Left out the ones I don’t feel qualified to comment on.


Oh one other thing. Auto Pistol wasn’t on your list but with Pinning fire and blaze away it is legitimately kind of insane now. Like arguably top tier in its niche of deleting everything closeish range to you.


Didn’t know you could get Pinning Fire on Auto Pistol. That would actually make that thing useful.

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Could you explain the Blaze Away on Grenadier/Rumbler? Putting this one on single-shot weapons seems pretty counter-productive to me…

We can influence our blessings? I am still yet to see that happen. So far I just found a new way to barter items that doesn’t actually give me dockets.

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FS said it works on this kind of weapons as long as you shoot again as soon as you can

Personally I would go

on rumbler with shattering impact and adhesive charge

On GG with shattering impact and glory hunter


Didn’t see Thunder Hammer listed, any recommendations?

Thanks for others, helps with other classes I don’t main.

thrust and then usually slaughterer, maybe momentum.


Fire Frenzy has 5 stacks the game never tells you about that are a lot easier to hit than Blaze Away on the Rippergun, imo. Even if they fix that 80% power T3 blessing, it would max at 40% instead (50 at T4, same as max blaze away). A stack every shot basically, but they last beyond when you stop shooting. Deathspitter is the one that desperately needs bigger numbers or stacks.

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Shhh don’t advertise the bugs!

I’ve actually given up on adhesive now for Blaze Away.
And since Shattering is actually BRITTLENESS debuff and not rending that makes it a big team-wide boost.
IMHO these 2 are the way to go.

It does look like a lot of fun, but having been in groups lacking any real range it can get …weird.
That being said I think it could be a lot better if the triple regen while moving bug was fixed, currently inverted.

Well it works quite well now actually, more so for Rumbler, you can easily test it in meat-grinder. Often times in large engagements thinning out the ranged threats, or for monsters, you’re firing a lot so it kicks in.

I wish they’d just clean up the wording (and maybe the implementation) to something like:

  • Up to +50% Power based on how long you keep firing (max benefit at 4 seconds).

Fatshark’s comments in the update notes make it seem like it’s already close to that right now, but the current description is awful and without reading the patch notes nobody’s going to assume it’s a good blessing at all.

Wording like that erodes trust too. Like is “Up to +5% Power, scaling with Stamina” as completely awful as it sounds? Or is it secretly +5% Power per swing with max stacks of 10? (Granted, I feel like I tested this particular one and it really did seem to be absolutely terrible and only increasing damage about 5% at max stamina?)


i got this theory that the taxe tree is kind of the purest tree, since there’s nothing at all unique in there? it’s all copies of other items, it’s just the axe tree with the armour interaction blessings taken out.

it just gets brutal momentum, then an escalating selection of does-stuff-on-hit buffs. your most consistant ie worst, all or nothing, which will probably give you +5% every swing at least. then you have headtaker, which is just an incredibly straightforward buff but you don’t get it on the first few swings, ie slightly less consistent. then you have decimator, which moves you further less consistent towards more power - very bad at first, gigantic bonus by a long chain. then limbsplitter is the sort of inversion of the family, giving a huge bonus at a prohibitive cost - great on first hit, lol thereforward. shred sort of fits here too, although how much reward you get out of that risk is kinda build dependant.

imo more trees should look like that, and all this goofier or utility stuff should go on like a special idk utility slot. that would be a good way to upgrade, redo the blessings to have two slots for power and one slot for utility blessings, and put stuff like rev it up on the utility slot. that would be sick.


It stacks as long as you shoot again immediately after reload (ADS breaks in on Rumbler and Kickback). It gives to to +50% power which is damage, cleave, and stagger, so presumably pretty clear why that would be valuable. On Rumbler it’s pretty close to just straight up 50% more boss damage.

For GG it’s a little less good since reload breaks the stacks so you can’t get above +30%. Still free damage though.

I managed to make an Autopistol with good stats, T3 pinning fire and blaze away from about 10 Damnation missions. The new blessing system works pretty well just keep upgrading stuff to blue to build your blessing bank.


broadly my experience, yeah. sometimes less sometimes more, much much more for some items, much much more if you’re chasing T4s but at least on one of the two slots if you find a T4 of what you want later you can plop that on there.

Yeah we just have to be mindful of how DT actually plays. It isn’t a series of 1-shot-kill combats with 5+ second gaps between enemies, so +5% is definitely garbage compared with a blessing where you get +15% power on the second hit (Headtaker T4).

But as long as they are mindful of that, I’m 100% in favor of them playing with different tempos that respect how DT plays.

Like you can imagine them defining short fights (0-8 secs), medium fights (9-16 seconds), and long fights 17+ seconds) and having a few blessings intentionally balanced for those tempos:

  • Combat Rhythm, every other hit gains +36% to +50% power. (Most interesting on weapons with 3-hit combos, where you’ll do one cycle where your best attack gets the buff, and a second where it doesn’t.) Provides a lot of value early (generally +25% power average, plus whatever little optimizations players do to make better use of it) but isn’t ideal for medium or longer fights.
  • Headhunter, gain +2.3% to +3.2% power per hit. Lasts 4 secs, 12 max stacks.
  • Rising Rage, gain +1.4% to +2.0% power per hit. Lasts 4 secs, 25 max stacks.
  • and the math works out so that the first puts out more total damage 0-8 secs, the second wins 9-16 secs, and the third is best for 17+ sec fights. (Also these assume 0.5 attack speed weapons, they don’t necessarily need to do it “on hit”, and the values actually need to change if attack speeds are significantly different.)
  • also the scaling (2.3% to 3.2%) is based on having the T4 version of a blessing be 40% better than the T1 version. Basically I dislike the really extreme scaling of some of them (1/2/3/4% with T4 being 4x the value of T1), and think they should copy the +40% that their attributes use (most attributes scale 40%. For example 100% “Damage Attribute” on a weapon is usually about 40% more damage than 0% damage attribute.)

I don’t think they should do a lot of blessings that way, but having just a basic set of 3 seems fine. (I’d try to spice up the 2nd and 3rd though. Having them be the same boring stacks-on-hit is boring compared with how the 1st actually works differently.)

Why not? Haven’t had the chance to use it myself, is it really that bad?

It’s the worst weapon in the game. Terrible offence and due to how horribly immobile and slow to attack it is it has terrible defence in practice too. The only way to bring it into Damnation and not be a complete liability to your team is to spend the entire match with your gun out, at which point instead of being dead weight you’re a somewhat useful ammo sink.

Just don’t use it, all Ogryn’s other melee options range from solid to amazing, I can’t imagine why out of those options someone would inflict shield on themself and their team.