Weapon Builds

Disclaimer: I hate the gambling system they call crafting - that said if I want to tinker around with the toys we are given in this game I have to interact with it.

Maybe we can use this thread to share experiences and opinions about which weapon builds work well or create interesting synergies or are just plain fun to use.

I ran lucky and gambled a decent Heavy Chainsword XV:

I think both blessings are actually ok yet I plan to slap Rampage on.

Which blessing should I change? Wrath would maximize killing potential yet momentum could increase survivability considerably.

Or are there other blessings you’d add instead of Rampage?


Just realized forgot to turn Darktide to English again:

The rest should be understandable enough.


My favorite build on zealot is crit and get an evis or devil sword with shred + cleave/rampage/whatever.

It’s lovely

Also, without a skill tree then I wouldn’t be able to give you advise.

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I didn’t know zorn was still present in modern German! The Zornhau “wrath strike” is one of the five secret cuts of the master swordsman in the Liechtenauer system of the longsword.

I was told most of hte word were in Old High German and had changed. IE, Alber, ‘the fool’ a position used to sucker someone in, is closer to a word that means ‘silly’ in modern German, or so I’m told.

Personally, and I know I’m an exception here, I really like the speed boost on chain weapons since it can stand in for a charge, and it lets me get to the plasteel and catch up to the nuts who skip chests.

That said, I think the most popular blessing is shred, for the extra critical chance.

You can find a ton of builds here:


Fair enough - I’m currently using this build with the evi:

And I’m already using a very crit heavy evi:

I just thought of crafting one with a more reliable damage output less reliant on RNG.

Nice - did some medieval fencing during university. Some words are actually uncommon today - or even have a different meaning.

While hauen (to strike) is only used by children today (adults would rather say schlagen) the word Hau for strike is completely uncommon. Zorn for wrath on the other hand is very common still.

Most alien to me when I started was Ort for the tip of the blade as we’d call that Spitze today - Ort is still in use though simply meaning place.


I think you have a good general build! If you like it then keep it. If you are interested in my 2 cents about what I prefer on my crit zealot build:

  • I prefer not having +5% crit chance. You should be at 80% without it and the flak or maniac damage is better in most situations. But that’s not a big deal.

-I really want to like that skill tree, but I just don’t like the left hand side of the tree (the invulnerability and stuff). I feel like when it procs its when I’m in a really bad situation anyways and I might survive the 5 seconds but I probably won’t survive the situation anyways. I’d rather get passives that prevent the situation.

-disdain isn’t as good as I thought. It only procs every other swing (so cut the damage in half) and aoe horde clear isn’t a problem at all with that evis.

-I hear duelist isn’t very good either, but I don’t use that part of the tree so I couldn’t tell you for sure.

  • I love hammer of faith and getting the corruption node. It basically makes you immune to corruption which is awesome.

-Thy wrath be swift feels great on a slower weapon liek evis so I usually run that and I get the “more stagger on weak spot hit” below it. That combined with hammer of faith makes basically everything stagger except monstrosities. Even my headhunter makes em dance .

The rest is basically what I do on my evis

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I recycled a lot of those terms in Star Trek Online.

For Klingon ship names. The Vorschlag for example takes on an interesting meaning on a cloaking cruiser.

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i have one with Shred and Momentum.
I’d either change the +20% Maniacs to +25% Carapace maybe
and “Zorn” into Shred and run a bleed-crit- ability cooldown build.
MK II better for that, but still good Evis.

edit: 2nd one you posted is maybe already better for crit-bleed

Do you find yourself struggling with survivability, that you’d need Momentum?

The extra cleave won’t improve your total damage output on regular attacks (because 4 target cap), but it will improve your revved lights (no target cap that I’m aware of). Additionally, Invocation of Death will still proc even if you have passed that 4 target cap, so the extra cleave isn’t entirely wasted.

Shred or Rampage are my general preferences - the weapon’s got good critical hit multipliers (esp. against Flak) and with Invocation of Death, there’s obvious synergy there. Do you need more Invocation procs? :person_shrugging: You’re already sitting at 25 - 55% most of the time, not including Fury of the Faithful uses.

Rampage… it’s more damage/cleave/stagger, you can’t really go wrong with it.

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