Niche/bad blessings change suggestion thread

Hi. Im not sure if there is an existing thread regarding this, so im making my own.

There are many blessings in the game currently that yet have good reasons to be picked over others (or not to be picked over others), and considering how long some have been around, its not good for the health of the endgame when exploration of players options become key in enjoyment.

What are some blessings (and if applicable on which weapons) that you think are too gimmicky to be useful, do not synergise too well with the weapons, or straight up dont work properly?

Some examples:

Powercycler: please rework this to not be a straight upgrade, or just remove it. Its tedious to use a powersword without the blessing, and having PC IV just makes this class of weapon braindead easy to use. My suggestion is to just give base PS 2 strikes, and either change what PC does or remove it completely.

Limbsplitter: While 60% power is very nice on certain weapons, the fact that it doesnt cooldown unless you stop attacking means this blessing is hardly impactful in a horde situation, unless you purposefully switch to your ranged option or stop attacking. This severely hampers and limits your options, making you play around a blessing instead of the other way around. There are several ways to change this blessing, one of which is to allow cool down during other attacks.

All or Nothing: the blessing itself is ok, but the implementation isnt. To get the full stack, you need to first get down to zero stamina. Even then, because of how quickly stamina regenerates (esp on certain characters), you can almost never make use of a full stack (on the zealot you get maybe half a second?). A simple fix is to allow you to get a fullstack before reaching 0% stamina, for example 20% or 10%.

Hammerblow: just a terrible blessing for TH. First of all the thunderhammers are too slow to take advantage (and i use this term loosely) of the 1.5 second of additional impact. Second of all, impact isnt helpful on the TH because their strongest attacks already stagger everything ingame with the caveat of being an activated attack. You could consider it as only being useful on the first hit, but then that goes back to my first point, and youre better off with other blessings.

I suppose this can also be a thread where others can give an idea as to how certain blessings are better than they seem. Imo blessings are supposed to lean into the strength of a weapon, and in rare cases meaningfully make up for their weakness. They should also reward players for sticking to a certain playstyle (for example, brutal momentum rewards headshotting esp in a horde situation).

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