Can we get some rewards for Legend please?

Would really be nice if after my 100 successful 2 grim 3 tome Legend runs I was able to obtain one Red item reward for it. So far I have not got one Red Item from the countless boxes I have opened. Please do something fatshark ~!


/praying for bounties to make their appearance once again


unless bounties forced you to do legendaries the presence of bouties would kill the legendary player base because why bother.

bounties didn’t kill cataclysm play in vt1.

why would it? bounties are like dailies, it gets people to keep coming back every day to play the game, which is a great thing. many people run legend for the challenge, since you already can get good gear with champion mode.


i know i’m old but isn’t fun the motivation ? if the only reason your playing a difficulty is to get a reward to play that difficulty a little easier then why are you playing in the first place?


Fun is the motivation, but people usually need different ways of fun in order to actually have fun.
I stopped playing VT1 after a while because, I had no friend to play with, and it turns out I was just grinding already done map. When they added bounties, I had reason to came back and play everyday, and the grind became less grindy :slight_smile: And then I could had fun again ^^

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Here’s me opening 29 Legend chests. Nothing to show for it. I’ve opened far more and didn’t record them, too.

If these chances I’ve written up from somewhere are true:

Legend Peasant’s: 3.4%
Legend Commoner’s: 4.3%
Legend Merchant’s: 7.7%
Legend Soldier’s: 9.1%
Legend General’s: 10.1%
Legend Emperor’s: 16.7%

And if you do quick play 3 tome 2 grim runs that are guaranteed general’s boxes and your RaNald’s Gift never gives you emperor’s stuff, then it is about one red item per 10 boxes. If you have done that truly one hundred times, you’re one of the four people who will suffer this fate out of a million players who do the same amount of runs. Either you’re amazingly unlucky or exaggerate a bit. 29 tries with general’s boxes without reds would be only 1 in 20, which is far more likely.

Not commenting on the frequency of red drops; just wanted to comment the chances of OP’s fate.

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They have confirmed to be not true by a community manager.

That’s what I get for trusting sources.

I’m speaking about Legendary in its current state because as a Cata player I don’t think Legendary is enjoyable. RIght now I wouldn’t even mind going back to V1 and just soloing some Cata levels with bots. But Champion can still feel like Legendary and is harder than legendary when you do champion deeds with right modifiers just the difference really is higher damage taken and nearly guaranteed failure to the bigger harder patrols that spawn on top of you.

In V1 I think it was valid to do your weekly red or whatever from bounty board and rest of your time grind Cata for red drops. But in V2 I wouldn’t bother grinding Legendary for red drops. I’ve already spent 50 hours grinding it for reds with no luck so i’ll just stick to hoping for Champion Emperor reds and save myself some frustration.

No it isn’t just 4 people. only about half the population ever actually gets something like the actual 11% average drop rate or whatever it is. Everyone else gets more or less, and that’s how you get your average.

11% drop rate just means that over like 1,000,000 drops distributed through the entire population, 110,000 will be uniques. You aren’t likely to get 1 out of 10 yourself.

with a 11% drop rate something like 15-20% of the population will always be very starved for red. and something like 5-10% of the population will be like “What are you talking about I have tons of reds drop rate is fine nerf it even I’m tired of all these reds.”


Completed legend brucken today, 3x blues :-/ 228

228? you mean the power levels or is that some typo

I think they could stand to be a bit higher, though I think also people are going about this in a way that is making them have less fun; reds aren’t supposed to be something you grind for, they’re more like rare treats.

The key to enjoying this game and getting a lot out of it is not to “hope” for reds, but to enjoy the act of fighting through and surviving against the hordes, facing adversity. Getting tired of what you’re doing? Try a different playstyle. They’ve done a fantastic job of making characters have very different playstyles. The three Bardins couldn’t be more different! When I’m Ranger Bardin, I’m basically playing Doom with the Super Shotgun. With Ironbreaker I’m a wall, and with Slayer, well. I wanna find a glorious doom.

you can’t really decide what’s fun for the player, everyone has different motivations. i like the game as it is, but i also want to feel superior with red weapons that i have to earn and slice ratties up with them. for others, they might feel awesome being a super tanky character that can control a whole patrol infinitely.

farming for reds is a thing, it’s progression, it makes people feel great because it’s unique, looks good and kills good. so of course if you take that sense of progression away by not rewarding or not showing what to do to get the rewards, then they’re gonna feel unloved. lol

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228 because im not yet 300, thats ok… but no single Legendary, opening that chest feelt like opening champion one

exactly lol… people like to get stuff for their time. putting 100’s of hours for nothing when someone tells you it took them 1-5 boxes to get what you don’t even have is just insane.

yea, i liked the old vt1 randald’s bones system where they give u a teaser of what you missed out on if you had a perfect roll. cataclysm even sometimes had 2 reds at the top, and it really motivated people to play well at the highest difficulty for those sexy rewards.

good loot systems will encourage good playstyles - and this will in turn make for a more enjoyable game for everyone.

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228 because im not yet 300, thats ok… but no single Legendary, opening that chest feelt like opening champion one

I am not 100 % sure but something like 99 %. As reds are without exception at an item Level of 300 all the time, you can NOT get them unless your current item Level is at 290 or higher.

it makes people feel great because it’s unique, looks good and kills good.

First off you should remove the idea that reds kill good or better than oranges from your head. While reds have a slight Advantage in Vermintide 2 they are not really stronger or do more damage. And “unique” means just that … unique. I mean how unique is a red item if everyone has them? As such the drop rates have to be low or it won’t feel special anymore. Is it infuriating? Maybe. Does it have Impact on the gameplay? No, as they aren’t stronger. It has been said before, if you are mainly playing for the loot then you are probably done with the game. Of course, there are different reasons to play the game. But Vermintide 1 made it apparent that the developers wanted primarly to create a game which gives a challenge and People play for playing the game. The loot is a necessary evil to cater to the more mainstreamed playership.