Zealot Class possibilities: What do you hope for?

As of now we have the 4 Archetypes that each will have multiple classes in the future (If there had been no or less problems on the game release state, 1 per quarter of the year), for one of these there is already a cosmetic associated for it (Crusader)

Those are the ones I’m hoping for:


Focus: Melee, Tank
Feel: Ironbreaker, Warrior Priest and Grail Knight


Weapon restriction: Lose Flamer and Bolter, Gain Power Sword (Though at that point I expect it to have been nerfed some more)
Added Weapon:

  • Power Axe (1h or 2h)
  • Power Sword and (Storm/Suppression) Shield
  • Power Axe and (Storm/Suppression) Shield

Class Role and abilities:
Health: 150 Toughness 200 (Same as Sharpshooter)

  • “Active Armour”: Ironbreaker damage absorption on health attack, cool down of X second
  • “Crusader Training”: Lower blocking walking speed, and grant extra stamina
  • “Pious”: Increase Curse Resistance 50%

Aura: “Decree Passive”: Increase Max Toughness by 50
Blitz: Not idea yet
Ability: “Badge of Office” Cause a Suppression aura, slowing them down and making them more vulnerable

Death Cult Assassin

Focus: Melee, Stealth
Feel: Shade, Hunter


Weapon restriction: Lose Flamer Thunder Hammer and Crusher, gain access to Power Sword, Duel Swords
Added Weapon:

  • Twin (Power) Swords
  • Assassin Dagger
  • Arc Blade (Inquisitor Martyr)

Class Role and abilities:
Health: 150 Toughness 100 (Same as Psykinetist)

  • “Active Armour”: Ironbreaker damage absorption on melee attack, cool down of 20 second
  • “Crusader Training”: Lower blocking walking speed, and grant extra stamina

Aura: “Decree Passive”: Increase Max Toughness by 50
Blitz: “Stimm Charge” Increase movement and melee attack speed
Ability: " Cameleoline Cloak" Shade ability

Enforcer and Cyber Mastiff


Focus: Ranged, Elite Killer
Feel: Witch Hunter Captain, Bounty Hunter


Weapon restriction: Lose Evicerator (?)
Added Weapon:

  • Shock Mace (Already leaked, not to be counted)
  • Shock Flail
  • Shock Mace and Suppression Shield

Class Role and abilities:
Health: 200 Toughness 100

  • “Soul Guilt Scanner”: Tagged enemies take increased damage (Witch Hunter Passive)
  • “Cyber Mastiff”: Enforcer are accompanied by a Cyber Mastiff, controllable via a special talent tree, and cosmetic tab (For those that want that)

Aura: “Hand of the Law”: You and allies in Coherency generate additional Toughness on Elite kill
Blitz: “Cyber Mastiff teaching”: Change the protocol of the Mastiff
Mastiff has a max independent range. And deal damage equivalent to the Melee item power level.

  • “Hunting Protocol”: Send the Hound forward toward a priority target, after which it will roam inside the Coherency attacking Elites and Special who are pinged
  • “Guard Duty”: Recall the Hound near Enforcer, healing it’s toughness, and making it fight closer enemies

Ability: ???

Mastiff Talents: Separated from the normal Talent tree, so in total the Enforcer class would have 63 + 33 talents (Total 27 talents)

Unlock_level 10 20 30
Bullpup: Shock jaw: Give the Mastiff Shock Damage when in active mode Heavy Plating: Increase armour rating of the Mastiff Sub Sonic Voxhailer: Give the Mastiff a greater Suppression Aura when active
Bloodhound: Out for Blood: Mastiff’s attack cause Bleeds Chemical Scent: Mastiff periodically tag close-by enemies Tracker: Increase max range of the Mastiff
Malfi: Reciprocating Chain teeth: Augment the damage of the Mastiff’s attack Canine Training: Increase the movement speed of the Mastiff Eliminator Las Blaster: Give the Mastiff short range Las weapons

I really want a crusader class for Zealot. One of my favorite units in 40k. Death Cult Assassin I feel would be better as an entierly new archetype rather than as a Zealot Subclass, and I also feel Enforcer would fit more as a close range veteran subclass than a zealot one.

As for interesting sub classes for Zealot I’m going to be looking more into the Ministorum specific roles rather than outside (Death Cultist could technically fit in here).

Confessor/Praecentor of Penance could be a class centered around buffing the team around them in melee combat, giving damage reduction, melee attack speed, toughness regen etc etc for doing certain things in combat or as in ult. Potentially also a debuff, either with their ult or something like With Hunter Captains debuff.

Incinerant Priest/Firebrand/Pyroclast should be pretty easy to assume what the subclass would be about. Obviously they would need more weapons to provide for this class, things like meltas, hand flamers, incinerator pistols, incinerator cannon, incinerator, Vindicator (I think thats the name, very heavy combination of chainsword and flamer, one of the Blackstone Fortress zealot models uses one), pyrophoric vambraces, and probably 1 or 2 different marks of the standard flamer we have now.

Banisher/Exorcist would be what I imagine a much more skill focused character, ideally having a reusable grenade skill like psyker brainburst (obviously would need to be much different in function and wouldn’t specifically be a psychic power, just something occult). I feel there could be lots of potential to take this subclass in any direction beyond that.

Missionary would be the best for some sort of all rounder class. Decent melee, ranged, and survivability while not necessarily excelling at any of them. Through feats maybe you could specialize into one aspect over others, but still not as effective in that regard as a preacher or sharpshooter.

Frateris Militia could be a more standard ranged focused class than a fire based one, although still preferably focused on more close range engagements and volume of fire over range and sniping that Sharpshooter has.

Relic Keeper is probably very unlikely, but could be interesting focusing an entire build around your ultimate ability that would change depending on what relic you bring (level 30 would change what relic you bring and what effects they have). Trying to get the most uptime and use out of a holy banner, artifact, or part of a corpse could be interesting.

There are more roles that are in the Ministorum but most of them fall either into melee fanatic with no regard for death like the current preacher or a buffing type character like confessor. Crusader would be the one I want the most, but after that I feel a melee buffing class could be cool, or as unlikely as it is Banisher/Exorcist seems like it has a lot of potential to be very unique and interesting.

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Death Cult Assassins are cultist, so I think they do fit quite well on the Zealot, and to remember, different classes should aim toward different aesthetic and different playstyles.

And Death Cult Assassin would be the best way to do a stealth class, without needing much additional work, like having to call 3/6 new voice actors instead of using the already recorded ones from the current VA.

As for Enforcers, they aren’t Veteran from the Imperial Guard, and are much closer to the Ministorum and the Ecclesiarchy. And would be a way to have a Mid range Zealot.

As for the ones you’ve said, some would be nice, but other feel a bit bland tbh, like the Missionary and the Frateris. As for the Banisher/Exorcist, I don’t think it should happen as it’s really a Daemon killer and nothing else in lore

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