Wanted weapons

The Power fist should be a weapon, but not alone, as usually it’s a side weapon, like Catachan Sword&Power Fist; Duel Sword&Power Fist; Laspistol&Power Fist…

Grenade Spear
Special attack to activate the Grenade, which explode on the next hit, and then need to be reloaded
Variant for:

  • Inferno: Fire Damage
  • Shock: Electric Damage
  • Krak: Anti Armour Damage

Lore has Crusader houses who allow ranged weapons, the Crusader shouldn’t have a big ranged weapon selection, like only Shotguns, the Pistols, the Autogun and nothing more, but they still should have them.

Multi-Laser are known to be used by Ogryn, Lascannon could be introduced by being similar to the Multilaser.

Honestly, an Enforcer (More appropriate than Arbites) should become a Zealot Class rather than a new Archetype. Being more about close ranged, elite hunter (Getting buff against pinged target, maybe GK’s quest system where it get stuff from accomplishing quests)
And the Cyber Mastiff would be very much sweet

For the Admech classes, it’s the most requested but it shouldn’t just be Skitarii, but more broad classes to get a better panel of weapons

Could even have us fortify on the current maps, there are good places that would work quite well as a Horde/Hold the Line place.

For new missions types I’d like to see:

  • Dreg Assassination: With a Dreg Sorcerer Lord (Plague Sword or Scythe, 1 of 2 Psyker/Sorcerer Spells, new defensive mechanic)
  • Sabotage and Ritual: Having us go and plant explosives or interrupt a Psyker Ritual like Empire at Flame, Hunger in the Dark or Convocation of Decay
  • Artefact: Payday Inspired: We need to drill into a Safe to get a (Chaos) Artefact (Or multiple) and then carry it to our get away, this safe would be in a heavily fortified (Either by the Chaos factions or even before they took control of the area) place like
    Sector->Any, but Throneside and Chasm would work best
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