New SUPPORT character idea!

Already much better, but I’ll be annoying again

Here look at these 2:

Now the better one is made by RaNdOmKiLs666/Morbious, it’s not balanced but it show a lot of structure to it, talents you can leave out as it’s very difficult to really make 3*6 of them that are balanced, workable, and interesting.

Now also here we have a new archetype (as it would need a new body type, Small)

But for the Classe abilities it would structure like that:


  • “Name here”: Class_Name is able to latch on ally, granting allies 30% movement bonus and entering “Latched” mode
  • “Latched”: Enter 3rd person View, gaining third person view and soul siphoning up to 4 enemies dealing moderate damage and damage over time (DoT).

Blitz (Or ability ? Not sure what it’s supposed to be): “Soul Syphon”

  • This ability when latched to an Ally would heal them for 25 % of their maximum health and replenish 35% toughness; but when not latched onto an ally will instead apply these affects to itself.

Blitz: Single Target Beam dealing DoT and restoring toughness via Soul Syphon

As for the new weapons, there are going to always only 2 class of weapons, Melee and Ranged, all weapon need to fall in that type of category.

Taking your examples:

So Ranged slot, either working like the Psyker, though seeing how the game is balanced, I don’t think we’d see a weapon with proper healing capability. Other wise, either a Staff, or a Relic

So Ranged slot, would work quite well like the Flamer staff, short range Psyker staff.

Ranged Slot, could work on the primary, but the secondary would either be very strong or very weak.

Those sound more like abilities than weapon, maybe having the ability being about the totems, and talents being able to switch them up.

Weapon if possible should try to have a shared amount/overlap.

Tbh, this class isn’t really something I’d enjoy playing, or playing with. The Latch part doesn’t really sound like something that would be very useful, and the healing capability doesn’t go with the way the game is balanced

As for the weapon, certain of them could fall on the Psyker, or on a Sister archetype/classe with Act of Faith, while other doesn’t really work as weapon. But could as either Ability, Blitz or useable (Like the Medkit and the Ammo boxes)