Ideas for new Sub-Classes

This ain’t gonna happen anytime soon, maybe not at all. But I have a few ideas for Sub-Classes that could be fun.

  1. Ogryn : Bone 'ead. I’m thinking something a little more tactical. Feats would be cover and buff kind of stuff that would make the Ogryn more tactical. Figure since they have mentioned during the conversations between characters that these Ogryn are Bone 'eads, that we could use that as an idea. Instead of Bullrush, something that boosts the Defense, makes them tankier.

  2. Veteran : Demolitions. All in on the grenades! A build that would center around the grenades with Feats that would increase explosion radius, or stack brittleness. This Veteran wouldn’t have the range or head shotting but could be a ton of fun in a blender full of hordes and specials. Special ability could highlight spots for maximum explosion damage instead of highlighting baddies.

  3. Zealot : Pastor. Support class. Feats and abilities that would regen toughness for the team, or increase defense temporarily. Something truly supportive. It would be different and it could be a lot of fun for a good team makeup. He wouldn’t be as melee oriented, maybe spread out his usefulness with ranged. Special ability speeds up the teams attacks, or allows team to heal a small amount of health to stay in the fight.

  4. Psyker : Telepath. This would be more focused on scouting ahead. Feats would allow Psyker to scan for Elites, but further ahead than the Veteran, and constantly while gaining Peril slowly. This would mean the Psyker is scouting ahead and allowing the team to plan ahead. Special ability would stun and stagger small groups. Much like the blast he uses now but it would lower defense instead of kncking them to the ground.

Anyway. Not sure any of this would be feasible. I’m just spitballin’ and trying to make positive contributions.

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