New Class system: The Unknown ones

We know that each class will have 3 Blitz, 3 Ability; 3 Aura…
For the Aura we don’t really know anything as they haven’t been discussed much but for the Blitz we have a few informations:

Psyker Blitz:

  • BrainBurst
  • Chainlighting (Tied to Protectorate according to datamines)
  • Psychic Shards (Maybe the Throwing knives that were datamined, class was named Gunslinger)

Psyker Ability:

  • Psychic Push
  • Shield (Protectorate, see image down below, can become a full dome)
  • Unknown

Zealot Blitz:

  • Stun Grenade
  • Fire Grenade (Book class, which datamined to be called Banisher)
  • Unknown (Look like knives or stakes)

Zealot Ability:

  • Preacher Dash
  • Book, unknown (Datamined Banisher has a sound event for opening and for closing a book, unknown what it is)
  • Unknown

New information: Preacher (Green) is a support class; while Death Cult Assassin (Red; Unclear if it’s the final name or if it’s the inspiration source) is “more specific purging inclined”

Ogryn Blitz:

  • Box
  • Rock/Stone (Rechargeable)
  • Big Grenade (Maybe for Gunslinger, as they are noted of being given grenades over other Ogryns)

Ogryn Ability:

  • Charge
  • Gunslinger stance (“big reload/fire rate buff designed for mowing down hordes”)
  • Taunt (Bullgryn)

Veteran Blitz:

  • Frag Grenades
  • Krak Grenades (Datamined on Squad leader)
  • Unknown

Veteran Ability:

  • Sharpshooter stance
  • Shout (Crowd control and support/buff, see down below)
  • Unknown

New Information: The last Veteran “can slink off into the shadows, gaining the ability to turn invisible and deal big damage when coming out of it.”

So we have 1 whole class for the Veteran that is not touched upon in the Pc gamer, 1 ability for the Psyker and 1 Zealot class that remain more vague and 1 ability that is unknown.

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I’m really hoping the Ogryn has a ‘grenade slot’ for things to throw, and can just find things as the travel the map. Just walk near a chunk of concrete with some re-bar sticking out, it gets a GUI highlight and a voice line saying ‘atil fly gud’. Let them carry a few, make them fun, make them plentiful.


Is it just me, or does the unknown Vet ability in the screenshot look like Fus Ro Dah from Skyrim? :joy:

And Psyker shield blocking sniper fire, I like this idea (it looks cool). Although hubris will probably be the death of me, where I’m too busy reveling in the damage being absorbed to notice the shield drop :joy:

I wonder if the Psyker shards will behave like the Virtuoso in Guild Wars 2, where you can build up a number of them (like Warp Charges) then fling them all at once for a big hit

I think that one is the Squad leader shout, and not the last one (Datamined to have an AoE stagger in addition to more support abilities)

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