Just some fun spitballing subclass ideas

given the leak a while back about subclasses and it seeming like there is a system in place it seems to make subclasses possible, i wouldnt be suprised if the leaks were accurate making the idea of throwing out ideas more than possibly a good idea.

now as for my idea i am 100% certain others have likely suggested it and that this aint new but i would LOVE if the zealot got a tech priest subclass… like i love the idea of having melee weapons that are your fists or extra fists that could even let you melee attack while your gun is out with them getting basically all the heavy ordinance like they do in lore using the f*cking nuke guns XD

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Subclasses? Mate we’re lucky to get a hotfix at this point

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honsetly they have been adding some good sh*t and hell, the shield rework is dropping soon too. like it feels like you played darktide back at launch and never touched it again XD

Any Admech class would require a new Archetype, the voice lines wouldn’t work.

Doesn’t even require an Admech Archetype for that

Veteran/Zealot: Power Fist

Would probably work for multiple kits:

  • Pistol (Any) with Power Fist (Ranged kit)
  • Sword and Power fist (Melee kit)

There is also the Chainfists, but they aren’t usually used by the IG

As for the Psyker, no mini/art but there is a spell in the Biomancy department that let them strike with Warp fuelled fists (Or any hand strike), Hammerhand or Steel Arm.

For the Classes:


  • Squad Leader/Commissar: Support and Special killer (New weapons: Pistol and Power fist; Sword and Bolt Pistol, Sword and PF)
  • Stormtrooper: Heavy weapon, get a Hellgun as an ability (New weapon: Grenade Launcher, other more generalist stuff)


  • Crusader: Melee centred Tank, heavy supprission (New weapon: Power Sword and Assault Shield, Power Axe and Assault Shield, 2h Power Axe/Halberd)
  • Death Cult Assassin: Stealth (New weapon: Assassin Power Sword, Twin Assassin Power Swords, Sword and Dagger, Poison Daggers)
  • Enforcer: Mid ranged, maybe with a Cyber mastiff pet/ability (New weapon: Shock Maul and Suppression Shield, Shock Flail and Suppression Shield)

What I would love:

  • officier class for the sharp shooter (commissary or lieutenan) short range combat oriented with team buff.

  • heavy weapon ogryn

  • a zealot variante that would really specialise in full auto weapon other mele.

  • anything with a psyker.

battle sister, ratling and techpriest archetype (sister could be a zealot subclass but too restrictive on gender)

EDIT: correct last sentence


Each of those would in short require a new archetype, not be (sub)classes for the current ones (Bodytype, Voice actors and stuff)

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yeah sorry I meant class and not subclass on those, hence why they were separated.

I have 700 hours in the game

And ?

A telekinetic psyker can project a blade as a power. Flat damage against all types, infinite cleave …but it can’t block.

He said it sounds like i stopped playing at launch, if i stopped playing at launch it would be impossible to have that kind of play time

you must be joking, right?

well if we look at the zealot class for example as the general priest class with than you have your sub branches of priest roles, it could work just fine. tbf the tech priests do tho have A LOT of variance and could do with being their own clas but the battle sisters for example at least 100% could fall under the zealot class and same goes for ratlings and veteran.

The problem is that a Tech priest with the voice lines/types of the Zealot wouldn’t make sense in world, as they largely don’t care about the Emperor and the Imperial Truth (But rather the Omnissiah, which for some is the Emp) and the cosmetic would’t work either.

For the Ratling it’s the same thing, like could you say that Ogryn should have been a Zealot Class, but it doesn’t work like that, not at all.

Sister of battle it’s difficult cause if there is class switch it would block half of the players (Those that picked male Zealots), but if there isn’t why not, but I’d rather then have SoB themed cosmetics and personalities

i don’t Believe they gonna introduce sub classes, that have shared XP/REC, with existing classes
why else do they have slots for character limit, its way more MMO style, they gonna be independent
they gonna add slots with each release

Some MMO have classes which then can pick specialisations (Guild War 2). Also we do know that class are gonna be added, we just don’t know if you will be able to switch (inside the same archetype)

i don’t Believe they gonna introduce sub classes, that have shared XP/REC

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Some ideas I previously posted about how the ratling class plus a vet rework could look like. Plenty of stuff in here that I’d love to see in future vet subclasses:

Had one for Zealot, someone else gave also plenty of ideas

For the Ogryn:

Skullbreaker (Basically Ogryn Bulwark)

Gun Lugger:

Focus: Ranged, increased fire power
Feel: Outcast Engineer, Tf2’s Heavy, Apex’s Rampart…


Weapon restriction: Lose not much, maybe the Power Maul, or the Shield
Added Weapon:

  • Heavy Bolter
  • Autocannon (Exclusive)
  • Multilaser (+ Lascannon variant)

Class Role and abilities:
Health 200 Toughness 200 (Same total as Skullbreaker, but redistributed)
(Main) “Big ammo bag”: Increase ammo for ranged weapon and ammo replenishment (from any source)
(Minor 1) “Ballistic Training”: Increase the reload speed and the precision of ranged weapon
(Minor 2) “Loud and Dangerous”: Suppressed enemies give the Ogryn more toughness regeneration

Aura: “Powder Keg”: Increase ranged weapon Power
Blitz: “Frag Grenades”: Simple grenades, has 5 from base
Ability: “Gun Lugger Protocol”: Switch to ranged ranged weapon, push nearby enemies away and enter Gun Lugger stance:
→ Increase shooting and reload speed
→ Refund shots that are critical/weak point damage (Directly in the gun, so Kickback and rumbler would shoot without needing to reload), multiple projectile weapon can only refund 1 round per shot.

Focus: Tanky crowd control
Feel: Ironbreaker, Apex’s Rampart…


Weapon restriction: Lose not much, maybe the Heavy Stubber and/or the Grenadier Gauntlet ?
Added Weapon:

  • Ogryn Pistol (See picture)
  • 2h Power Maul
  • 2h Slab Sword
  • 2h Power Slab Sword
  • Ogryn Pistol and 1h Slab Sword

Class Role and abilities:
Health 100 Toughness 300 (Same total as Skullbreaker, but redistributed)

  • (Main) “Bodyguard”: Ogryn can’t take health damage till he is under 100 toughness
  • (Minor 1) “Strong arm”: Increase pushing attack strength
  • (Minor 2) “Durable”: Losing toughness increase stamina regeneration

Aura: “Nork’s Teaching”: Increase toughness of allies in coherency
Blitz: “Tough skin”: Pull Aggro, and regenerate 100 toughness, 3 charge, recharge over X sec
Ability: “Tougher than most”: Increase toughness a further 150 for a limited time, and increase melee attack speed

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