Subclass and DLC speculation

We all know they are coming at some point. Gonna throw some ideas out there for you guys and see what you think.

Veteran Storm Trooper.
Inquisitorial Storm Troopers are a thing so maybe we will be able to be one? Special items could be Carapace Armour to be more tanky and of course the ubiquitous Hellgun. It would be semi auto only but hit with a lot more power because, you know, it’s a bloody Hellgun. You’d probably only get like 20-30 shots to a power pack because a back mounted power pack would be OP. Special Ability could be Schola Training that makes you immediately start filling your toughness at a high rate along making you immune to suppression, increases reload speed and accuracy for a few seconds.

Veteran Sapper.
Same gear and weapons as Sharpshooter but the difference would be in the skillset. Explosives! Instead of grenades you get satchel charges. Chuck em and watch stuff go boom. Special ability would be something like Big Boom which you plant on the floor, set a timer and just blow everything up in a large radius except it would have like a two and a half minute cool down (maybe longer) to offset it’s destructive potential.

Zealot Priest
An Ecclesiarchy battle priest basically. Gets a 1 handed Rosarius power maul/hammer as a unique weapon.
Special Ability could be Ecclesiarchal Sermon that buffs all team mates by filling a portion of toughness and starting regen at a fast rate, maybe tempory health as a zeal/fervour mechanic and even reduce corruption (unless you got a grim in the group) to make life a lot easier as a support character.

Same gear and peril reduction stuff as current psyker but the difference would be no brain burst. Instead you get WARP VORTEX. This could be really powerful or kill the pskyer really fast considering its a bloody vortex if he/she loses control. Gauging on how long the skill is held down for you can choose how powerful/large the vortex is. Sucking in everything in its radius, except monstrosities, and killing it outright. Lose control though and you get sucked in too and have to wait to be rescued after (somehow!?) respawning. No downing with this skill. High risk, high reward.

These are my ideas hope you like them and would love to hear your ideas for another psyker and zealot character because I don’t main them. Also I’m convinced the 5th character will be a tech priest called an Adeptus Skitarus or something like that. Would also love to hear your ideas for a 5th character. Before you do post on that though: no ratlings. All they can do is snipe, sleep and steal. Keep in mind Fatshark will want to make subclasses of said 5th character. No Squats. GW are dumb and forgot they even existed.

No Orks as a playable character!

They will probably be a DLC I the future. Fatshark did Beastmen for Vermintide so it kinda makes sense. Also they’re probably a bit bigger than a Mutie so they have an asset to work with.
Freebooter’s turned up to Tertium because they heard there was fighin an lootin to be done. Or Rannick sh!t the bed and hired these lunatics. Loads of Gretchen and Boyz plus Shoota Boyz along with Big Shoota Boyz, Burna Boyz, Snaga Boyz, Kommando’s (plz Fatshark, plz!) Pain Doc’s and others. I’m probably missing some feel free to add to the list. Since they are Freebooter’s they might even look like actual pirates to a degree which would be awfully amusing. And led by a Kaptin Bluddflagg like character (again plz, Fatshark plz!) roflamo. Hope you likedy long a$$ thread and feel free to speculate and discuss in the comments.

My armour is contempt, my sword is hatred, my shield is disgust!
In the Emporers name, let none survive!
Fight for Tertium brothers!

They datamined a set of unknown subclasses and the Zealot one is yet to be named, but seems to be somewhere between Warrior Priest of Sigmar and Grail Knight so we might get Zealot Crusader after all.

If you listen to Banter, you get some DLC classes and DLC Locations aswell.

Sister of Battle

Genestealer CUlt as Enemies
Seargent Morrow from the Inquisition has fought them already. So be hyped

Plasma Caliver was seen, so probaly Scitarii on the Line
maybe even Squat later

maybe even Assassins

With the vastness of the 40k universe, I would be pretty disappointed if we just got variations of the same 4 heroes. Though they would require a unique story line and cut scenes, I would love to see…

Sister novitiate or SM scout assigned to the Inquisition as part of their trials or rites of passage. Give them carapace armor, have a ministorum flamer for the sister and sniper rifle for the scout.

Other idea was a Servitor assigned to the squad. Weapons could be grafted on, or perhaps a servo harness.

So many options out there.

As for DLC enemies, I really hope for genestealer cults. Plenty of melee and shooter units and a few Big Bads, genestealer or magus.