Just random new class ideas

Buddy and I were spitballing and this is what we came up with. We aren’t super deep in the lore so apologies in advance.

Rogue Trader and Skitarii.

Rogue Trader would act as a support, being able to creat pockets of breathing room while providing hefty supplmental damage.

Lore wise, the RT could have been double crossed by a Governor, maybe even by the one of Atoma. Imprisoned for bringing the governor some of their preferred libations because they didnt want to pay.

Weapons would be similar to the veteran, with their signature ones covering some of the other we havent quite seen yet. Power axe, bolt pistol, and plasma pistol for instance.

Blitzs we figured a servo skull that fly in the direction you’re facing, taunts enemies as it goes by (maybe 2 seconds) then explodes, either as a firebomb or normal explosion.

Second blitz would be a replusor field/shield of some kind. It wouldnt block ranged attacks but could hold/divert enemies (except elites, unyielding, monstrosities).

Third blitz option would be Overtuned Weapons (Ranged option) or Adrenal/Stim Rush (Melee). Overtuned weapons would be able to briefly penetrate enemies and armor (even bulwark shields) A/S Rush would have a higher attack speed and reduced heavy attack charge time.

Skitarii. Lore for them to be introduced would be tricky other than Hadron became so testy with a failed squad (and with Grendyls authorization) she decided to construct versions of the Mechanicus’ rank and file. However, since she wouldnt have the best materials to work with, she made do with something semi unstable but would do better than the “Varlets” she deals with.

Skitarii would a bit more unique in the aspect that each tree could be based on (or least versions of) the Vanguard, Ranger, Rustwalker/Infiltrator. On top of that, they have to manage their power levels otherwise they will shutdown and need a manual restart.

Vanguards Blitz could be a frontal blast of energy/radiation that causes bleeding (think psyker scream but a little more oomph) but uses a good chunk of their energy and needs a recycle time.

Ranger Blitz would finally give the players something similar to the snipers we fight. But better. Would fire a narrow, concentrated beam with heavy penetration. Or an iption would greatly reduce the penetration in favor of a scatter blast. Again, uses a good chunk of energy and recycle.

Rustwalker/Infiltrator would fill the ‘undying berserker’ role. Energy is used to greatly empower all melee attacks, increasing melee attack and movement speed, damage done, and increasing damage resistance. Each attack drains small amounts of energy, more so with heavy attacks. However the buffs are relative to energy, so the lower your energy, the lower the buffs. Options would be better energy consumption (or greater buffs) or the Infiltrator version where youre able to attack while stealthed until ability is turned off. Also would use even more power.

Initial weapons selection would be akin to the zealot, though far fewer options. That would be offset with a higher selection of signature weapons. The signature weapons including Galvanic Rifle and arc weapons (Radium weapons would be too hazardous i would think. Or some sort of versions at least.

Did think of another idea for a dropped consumable (also an obvious one), sentry turret. Couldnt find anything smaller than the tarantula type, so no idea if any do exist.

As i said, these were just ideas and simply felt they needed to be shared with the community.


Rogue traders are kind of wildcard characters, they exist so players can mold them to whatever they want to play as in an RPG, i don’t really see them here, because we easily can introduce any character aligned to any of the imperial factions, and since the characters in this game have only 3 given roles to fill its way more fitting to go with archetypes that are already defined in a similar manner.

not to mention that rogue traders come in dynasties that are very diligent to either protect or expunge their pupils, i doubt one would make it into a lowly penal service under an potentially hostile inquisitor.

and the Gameplay you devised for them, could be accessible through other means.

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Rogue Trader and Skitarii don’t really fit as Rejects, 1 is quite rare and wouldn’t be found in the Penal systle, while the other is tied to the Admech and wouldn’t be found in the Penal system either (But for that one there is a work around).

Or those weapons could be added to the current classes ?

Rogue Trader:

  • Blitz 1: Servo Skull could be added on a Tech Adept archetype, as they are more closely tied to them than to Rogue Traders, could have them as Blitz as a Guardian Skull (Gun), or as Keystone for a Gheistskull (Explosive).
  • Blitz 2: Not sure what use that blitz could bring, but why not
  • Blitz 3: Overtuning weapon seem more like something the Admech would do, and fit more as an ability than a Blitz tbh.

I think the Skitarii are a too restrictive archetype, where taking a Tech Adept would let them develop 3 (Or more, if new classes happen) branches without much issues

Also the “Power levels” is a bit confusing without more information to judge, but I don’t really see the need of it.

if admech had a motive, they could easily be attached to units that are already doing missions in that area, they themself would not be convicts in that case that much is true

very similar to bardin looking for something and out of convenience allying with the U5

Both of you brought up good points, thank you!

It will be interesting to see what else we will get. Ive only recently started getting into the 40k universe after getting hooked watching Majorkill and WesHammer, so currently on a brainstorm high from all the information ive been indulging in.

But yes, looking at it all now having some kind of tech class would be interesting, whether its Admech or not. Some of the weapons ideas could/should be given to all the classes (pistols definitely), but wouldnt say all since each class has that 1 or 2 they alone are known for.

Though now the idea of a tech adept and how that would fully work sounds exciting.

Would be cool idea wise maybe not lore wise one bit
Infiltrators/rust stalkers are op in lore and tend to be like admech space marine level power, They also tend to work alone
Rangers could be cool but I think they are a admech only kinda force that really only work with other admech
And vanguard tend to kill anything around them that is not robotic and are nicknamed “Rad Troopers” and I’ll let you guess why

Lol yea, i briefly read up on them. Main reason i was thinking of a class that adopted watered down/modified aspects of them, that wouldnt make it broken and also semi viable lore wise.

What they need to do is add other Imperial guard regiments from random planets and maybe sister’s of battle, Those are like the only two I can see them making up lore to have it fit in with the game and over all lore of 40k

Just thought of a 3rd super unlikely one being commissars

Like as new archetype ?

Why not just create new branches to the current one instead ?

And Sister kinda are close to Zealot no ?

I have no idea I guess just over all we need more choices to pick from

Was just about to say Zealot is as close to the sisters we will get. Cant see other regiments since we are starting to get some of the uniforms as cosmetics.

Or perhaps Ratlings then?

Ratlings would just be vet if they added a longlas just a super short vet

Maybe if they make them tiny and fast and give them a better longlas and long range things

This is the problem with 40k way to much is just the same thing combat wise reskined as something else can’t really make it in the game and have it feel like it’s own thing and not a copy of the other classes

what doesn’t get talked about enough are xenos, radical inquisitors do utilise them, and it would be cool to have,

don’t really care about the whole, “came from prison” aspect of the narrative, just open the floodgates and allow for inquisitorial agent attachments

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We need orks now that you point that out

Tau, Orks, Those monkey things xD

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Would definitely be interesting. We did get a bit of that in DoW2. Whose to say Grendyl DOESNT have some kind of xeno stored on the ship?

As much as I admire the notion to play as Rogue Trader, then I think that they do not fit into DT setting.

We’re playing as characters taken from the broad imperial massess. Rogue Traders form strong dynasties and are by definition very powerful, rare individuals. There is no way that Empire would have a steady supply of Rogue Traders awaiting to be thrown into meat grinder on some random hive world.

Skitarii would be more probable; unlikely, but easier to integrate into the game lorewise.

Let’s say that we play as some imperfect Skitarii that f.e. is too human/independent/malfunctioning for his own good. Instead of being thrown into slag pit or scrapped for razor blades, the Inquistior Grendyl called in some ancient favour with AdMech and repurposed the faulty Skitarii units as expendable cannon fodder on special missions deep under the hive.

This narrative has potential for epic banter. I can imagine Hadron roasting our char in binary chant without the rest of the team understanding anything. Maybe except Ogryns, they are smarter than they look.

Since Skitarii come in plenty different “flavours”, this class would be easy to integrate into existing talent system, with some unique roles to fill.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we would get an Arbites class. One of the pskyers is talking quite a lot about Enforcers (low-ranked Arbites) and we already have few pieces of their armoury at our disposal.


Far better fleshed out version what I was thinking for a possible Skitarii character/class.

Completly forgot about the Arbites, though now im wondering what kind of play style they would be.

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Thanks for words of appreciation! I think the idea of “rejected” Skitarii fits into trope and also solves the problem of power level lore-wise. You Skitarii isn’t OP, and that’s why he is currently in Atoma’s sever.

Speaking of Arbites, just some food for thought:
I would imagine them something as out incarnation of Judge Dredd. Make them revolve around justice, crime & punishment.

Let’s say they are very adept at using power weapons, having talents that encourage the usage of power crushers, mauls etc, granting extra dmg, charges or whatnot. Or give them blitz allowing to charge your melee weapon with some nasty charge and just go full Mjolnir on the heretics.

They should have decent armor/toughness (just look at the minis).

The ult could be related to justice. Point finger to some nasty enemy “You have been judged!” and give him a heavy debuff, make him take extra DMG (akin to “Animosity” from WHC in VT2) or something similar.

Or give them extra bolt pistol/digi weapon to immediately point and shoot at the enemy (akin to Bounty Hunter in VT2, headshotting Chaos Warriors point blank was very rewarding).

There is a lot of ways to follow here!

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While the Savant speak of his or her past as part of the Enforcer, those aren’t Arbites, at least most likely. As we also see some Enforcer corpse in certain maps and we know that the Enforcer worked on Atoma, we can guess those are some of their (ex-)colleagues.

Also I think that they should add to the trees when possible, and for Enforcers (Or more broadly Lex) I think they could be declined into a branch for each Archetype:

  • Veteran Commissar (Honestly though I’d prefer Vet to get a Stormtrooper that use the same system as the Outcast Engineer)
  • Zealot Leashmaster (With Cyber Mastiff Ability/Keystone)
  • Psyker Haunt (Telepathy themed, or with Stasis Shell)
  • Ogryn Subjugator

I had an idea for a Ratling class. I was thinking of two keystones, one was “Kleptomaniac”, which would 1.5x the amount of ammo given by standard ammo drops. Another was “Master Chef” which VERY slowly heals the other teammates’ health over time. I don’t have a third idea for a Keystone, yet. Just putting that out there, but Skitarii is definitely my favourite idea. I’d like to be able to summon Servitors like Sienna’s Necromancer Career in V2.