Ratling... trailblazer class?

I think people have a really good point when they say a Ratling Sniper class is a tough sell for their height alone, because a character whose main purpose is hitting long-range shots is gonna have a tough time if they can’t see over all the waist-high cover – to say nothing of tallfolk getting in the way. Of course, if one were get to high ground or even stand on some boxes, height wouldn’t matter as much. That’s just not always possible.

Ratlings aren’t only known for being good snipers, though. They’ve got a whole section on the 40k wiki about their role as “trailblazers,” who use stealth to outwit their foes, or ambush them if it comes to that. In-game, I look at all this waist-high cover and think about how fun it would be to play a fast, wily little guy with a shotgun and a hatchet, weaving between all that junk and forcefully removing heretics’ kneecaps, or setting up traps in chokepoints. Plus, they’re a great candidate for a reject, given how often they’re accused of stealing, smuggling, and the like.

They could have some sort of stealth ability as their Career Skill, and a throwable trap as their grenade. (A bouncing betty? Electrified netting?) They’d probably be pretty good at reviving teammates safely if their stealth ability lasted long enough, and given how small they are, they might even be able to pass through enemies while their stealth is active. To avoid a VT2 Huntsman situation, though, I think their Career Skill would have to have some additional function – maybe stunning nearby enemies when stealth begins/breaks, or leaving behind a taunting decoy as a distraction.

Their weapons could include a ranged DoT weapon like a dart gun, and perhaps one with an alt-fire that has them toss a throwing knife, in addition to whatever they could borrow from other classes. (The revolver, maybe.)

Anyway, if Ratlings are at all in the cards, I acknowledge it’s probably gonna be awhile before we see them, given FS is doing crisis management right now. I just want to keep the idea afloat out here, and express my interest in that particular playstyle and flavor of power fantasy. I think there’s room for it, and I’d definitely shill out money for it.

Apart from mechanical problems as you mentioned, there is also a thematic problem.

They have already said month ago that additional archetypes weren’t in the current plans, but that they weren’t closing the door on it.

Now on Ratling, Ratling don’t bring anything that can’t be brought be other ways (easier/cheaper):

  • Class thematic: Most if not all the Class that a Ratling could bring could be brought by the Veteran → No unique theme
  • Mechanic requisite: Apart from size, there isn’t anything that he would be the only one that can bring it, in addition, they aren’t really known to use melee weapon afaik
  • Additional/Bonus: There is no special weapon (Sniper, both in Stubber and Neddler, are used by non-Ratling), and special cosmetic (Not much Ratling art, there are some but not many, like the Blackstone mini)
To show lore/rpg classes for the Ratling:

So if we get future Archetype it’s in the 2nd or even 3rd place for the likely ones

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Ahh, good points. Thanks for the info on the devs’ statements on new archetypes. I know it would be cheaper and easier for FS to give Ratlings’ thematic abilities to the Veteran, but it’d be such a wasted opportunity, given how Ratlings are the sorta utmost in their areas of expertise – at least while still fitting into the role of a reject. (There might be better snipers and scouts in the Imperium, like the Vindcare Assassins, or Space Marine Scouts, but I dunno).

Plus, there’s no official digital media I know of that features the lil’ guys. It would be a first for the franchise!

As for them not being known for melee, it looks like the Trailblazer gets a mono-knife (and optional melee profieciency) in the RPG, but that’s about it. Doesn’t mean FS couldn’t add more, though, along with some unique weapons; in the same way Ogryns need specialized weapons for their size (not to mention their intelligence), maybe Ratlings would need lightweight weapons with lower recoil, or they’d use a few weapons tallfolk would underestimate or overlook. Crossbows, spears, survival hatchets, war boomerangs, taser batons, and the like. And maybe they would have to two-hand weapons tallfolk would wield in one, granting them a different moveset. Just spitballing.