Veteran Class Concept - Veteran Medic

So, the game is pretty starved of class variety, it especially lacks any kind of dedicated support class, so I have come up with a new support focused class for Veteran, The Veteran Medic.

Below is a list of it’s abilities, feats, passives etc.

As you can see, this class is mostly about supporting, reviving and buffing allies, however it is possible to build it in a more offensive way via some of the more offence orientated feats. hybrid builds would also be pretty viable I think.

Anyway, tell me what you think about my class concept. Would you enjoy playing a support focused class?


Guardian… too op
Would make the game trivial

The Aura Medical care… not possible… same as above.

The class is a good concept… but it would need to be less less powerful…


While a support class is a good idea, this is going too much into being healer.

Also I think they went away with THP so I think we will not see healer class that can heal true health.

Lose the Blitz, Aura or Ability, ideally I’d take it as follow on the datamined Squad Leader:

Blitz: Datamined Krak Grenade
Aura: Increase Toughness regeneration
Ability: Combat Stimm for allies in Coherency

With Combat Stimm being in part healing/Invulnerability, and maybe being able to pick up allies in the area like Mercenary Kruber. And on other part a more offensive buff.

And on the talents, I’ll have to re read what the current one have cause certain aren’t balanced (though some of thr current one aren’t balanced either)

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Yeah, that’s fair Guardian would probably be a bit too strong.

Medical Care could perhaps be balanced by triggering less often. Alternatively it could restore toughness instead of HP.

Good idea. Here is some feedback.

Combat stim:
25% attack speed and power is completely nuts. 30 seconds? Dayum.
Add a withdrawal syndrome at the end if you wish to balance (A quiet Drink booze effect?). Or reduce numbers. The ability to use it on self might mean that the player won’t use it on others as often as he should. Or add a damage taken amp. Many options.

Medical care:
Just like Range Vet has a legup with the Ammo regen, giving an effect that cannot be obtained anywhere else isn’t a great idea.
How about 15% damage reduction to health?

Healing burst:
A bit feast or famine. If your team never takes damage, useless, if they take too much, probably won’t save them. You will also always be pressing the key when the cooldown comes back, so there is little incentive to look for “the right time”

Fine. Doubling heal might be strong, but also terribly map dependant. How about “increased odds of finding medi box instead of ammo box”? or smthg along those lines

Row 1
Guardian is… too situational to be of real use
Stay close is strong: that’s 9% toughness per second with the team.
Buff&Heal: it’s strong, but ok I guess. Resource dependant.

Row 2
Bleed: thematic but lack of synergy. Having it apply to ranged attacks perhaps? With headshots doubling stacks? (Bleed is rather weak atm imo)
Quick hands: can’t hurt
Trauma: that’s very strong. 15% DR is always good

Row 3
10% more damage…How about 20% damage to enemies afflicted by a status effect?
FR: fine, but too situational. You want pro-action, not reaction!
Resolve: ehm. eh? Ho wabout making it a damage reduction scaling with the total amount of health the team has left in %age?

Row 4
Vitals: Perhaps having every 4th hit being a garanteed crit? And can the weakspot crit damage?
Checkup: Good, but ultimately too weak
Experct chemist: overshadows the other perks here: 9 combat stims with 45s use? Sign me up! That’s about 7 minutes to find a grenade box and go again!

Row 5
They are fine, but very tied to the class skill.

My recommendation:
Combat stim should probably increase speed (if you need to reposition or get to a downed ally), remove the power increase. Bigger burst, shorter duration. Eventually drawbacks.

Healing mist: you could have the power amp be there, to incentivise using the skill in a fight rather than every time the cooldown is available. You could also make this a grenade type skill (don’t think we have any of those yet).
Having the mist double as a smoke could also give the skill more polyvalence, making it useful in different situations.

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Thanks for the feedback guys, keep it coming and I’ll try to make a Version 2 of the concept with the feedback.

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Passive healing doesn’t sit well with me. I’d think more in the line “clear corruption on revive” or “an ally doesn’t gain corruption if revived by combat medic” on a long CD. Basically, it simulates having additional wounds.

I really don’t think players been able to passively heal is a good idea at all from a game play perspective.
You want to move quickly though the level so you don’t get slowly chipped to death by endless hordes or run out of ammo.
The games designed around always moving forwards clearing the room looting it and sprinting to the next one and not waiting around for passive heal to slowly regen you back to full.

Combat stims as a team passive team buff would be OP but as a few second ult would be great.
Could do a long CD aura or a stab your self+team mate to buff them on a shorter CD.
Could have it so when your under stims you can help team mates up faster or just stab them for instant pick up.

Ok guys, I have come up with a new version of the Medic class. I have taken your feedback and also thought about some things myself and changed them appropriately.

Here’s a compiled list of the changes:

  • Trauma Armour: Small DR nerf
  • Guardian: Total remake
  • Vein Slasher: Bleed stack amounts increased
  • Strike The Vitals: Crit chance increased.
  • Combat Stim Gun: buff duration reduced
  • Expert Chemist: Nerfed
  • Doctors Resolve: Replaced with a new and more useful feat.
  • Healing Burst: Now knocks down fodder and staggers larger enemies (think of it like mercenary krubers shout)
  • Medical Care: Now gives faster toughness regen instead of health.
  • Boosters row: Have been changed or replaced
  • Toxic to Heretics: Gone, replaced with cooldown reduction feat.
  • Combat Medic: Reworked.

I think that covers all the changes.

Tell me what you think, is this better then the first iteration? Do you like the changes?

Very well done and presented, would love to have some class variety and flavor like this in the game, especially those that could lean into offensive and defensive support roles (like Sister of Thorns, post-nerf-esque).

Realistically, I don’t think Fatshark will greenlight a class that gives HP in this post-temp-hp-Tide-game :smiling_face_with_tear: HOWEVER…the support class could instead focus more on strengthening players’ damage resistances, toughness shield amounts/regen rates, buffing combat capabilities (like you suggested), and debilitating the enemies (like you suggested.) For example, instead of a 10% HP heal ultimate, I think they’d be less averse to giving you a “boost all team shield in coherency by 30% of their max, decaying over 15 seconds,” or “give everyone in coherency 30% damage reduction on Toughness, and 60% damage reduction on Health, for 7 seconds.” The class and abilities will need to be balanced for teams that want to run 4 of them, or 3 + 1 Veteran, etc., but I know it could be done. Support classes don’t need to be helpless with a 3 or 4 stack, but they can’t hit a critical invincibility overlap either.

Avoiding health recouperation would be easier to balance for Fatshark, relies more on strategy, creates cooperative skill ceilings, and would prevent trivializing health as a resource (which seems to be Fatshark’s ultimate balancing valve now, since they’ve deprived us of their beautiful temp-health system :skull: ).

I could see them allowing an ability to mitigate some corruption gain rates, or maybe halving the amount of corruption damage taken within the last 10 seconds for another player with an Ultimate/stim, etc.

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I suggest that you remove every single mention of „x times more“ and replace it with „+ x %“ or „x times as much/many“.

The expression „x times more“ is misused so often (when the person actually means „x times as much“), that you can never be sure what is actually meant.


I don’t think you understand that healing is one of the least useful things in this game(next to those 10% weakspot/crit damage perks) because of corruption(and the class that needs it already has self-heal) and abundance of medicae stations(some places have two stations very close to eachother, though that might be a bug). Medkit itself is already of dubious value(unless people just don’t run out of ammo much, or don’t use ammo at all) and you want to build a walking medkit class?

And just like in vermintide 2(where there is no dedicated healer class but there are certain perm-hp recovery skill, ult, and GK passive on rng), unwanted heal can make zealot lose bonuses and fail to hit certain breakpoints(like onehit on flak shooters on damnation). That’s why the biggest heals are on Saltzpyre, so he can’t grief himself as zealot(unless on modded realm).

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At first I couldn’t figure out what you meant, but I think you were trying to reply directly to the thread creator. 100% agree on verbiage surrounding “+/- X times more” though, really good point. In addition to not making things additive for most things, it would be nice if their existing and future tooltips told us what the caps or limits are for certain things (such as 8 stacks max for a blessing).

I made a third iteration of the Combat Medic.

The special ability and special ability related feats have been completely changed. Healing has mostly been removed due to feedback and since it doesn’t seem to fit with Fatsharks game design for Darktide.

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LOVE THIS IDEA, Fat-shark please pay attention to this mans post!

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