[Suggestion] Gunner, Flamer, Beastmaster an Sniper classes?

Seriously, there is a lot of room here for expansion plus the base weapon models are already available in assets. Plus it would be a lot of fun on the hardest difficulty. Maybe a Beastmaster class to provide additional support to the team as well?

The Sniper class would have various forms of LPVO scopes to boot which “could” be designated by flip-irons if needed. The main purpose, in my head, for the Sniper class would be a boss hunter by trade. Buffs and tools for dealing with abominations and field bosses.

Another part of the tree would allow for intel gathering/scouting ahead. Perhaps maybe even a field medical ability that recharges over time to heal maybe a single wound or two, depending on the curious you have equipped.

As far as utility, I could see it utilizing various forms of ammunition types as it’s perk or “grenade” which would allow frag rounds, fire rounds, so on so forth as necessary. Or it could utilize forms of grappling (for the large maps or tying up elites like the trapper would)

Foremost, the sniper class would only be able to use Single Fire weapons which would not only increase its difficulty, but perfectly balance it to make you choose which weapon you prefer wisely instead of going for a high power automatic or scatter shotgun.

Ultimately in the end, it would be the ultimate middle fragger class that could easily make or break the survival of your team by having this overwatch kind of capability. So on so forth… The same would be for the other classes to have class specific perks like the current set.

I’d really like to deep dive into this concept. The warband has more than just infantry-types, I think its time we dive into some of the more special types of classes.

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oh cool, another “i want this game to play differently so these useless ideas can be important like if it were an MMO!” thread. do you not understand why “dedicated support class” is bad in a group of four randomly assigned players?

Middle Tree vet is a “dedicated support class” right now and is amazing. While I personally don’t think a Beastmaster type class would fit well into this game that is a bed metric to judge something on.

Go back to reddit you troll.

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Understandably, my thoughts would need a lot of refinement to make it doable, but I do believe adding more classes to this game in such a manner would be great considering the replayability value it would add to the game on top of its current stagnant replay value.

For people to tell me they can’t or won’t is a lie considering they just added a new class to Vermintide 2

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