While I'm glad we get 2 new maps...thats it?

2 maps and cosmetics and bringing back the FOMO shop? Seriously? It took months to make this and a delayed announcement? Not even removing the locks on crafting. Considering this kept getting delayed and postponed I was hoping for something more “meaty” like a new subclass, removal of locks, more social aspects on the Mourning Star.


“Erm, you’re being entitled and whiny, they’re also adding the Chaos Spawn from the trailer 6 months ago and reskins of previous cosmetics! So ungrateful!”


You have been memorialized.


I’d love to see the bar introduced in some fashion to the game. Would have been a much more interesting place to log into than the starting area we have now.

Wasnt there supposed to be new class each 3 months? Also, those are not new maps. New missions on old maps.


Once per quarter, so roughly yes on the first part.

On the topics of maps and map variety, most missions set in the same zone will be half going through shared areas, and half being completely new or unique. And honestly conceptually I don’t hate this, as even something as simple as going through an area the other way can change.the dynamics of playing it, as long as each level still has a decent amount of unique content. Ideally this would make adding maps a mich faster process and quickly add a good amount of mission variety.

However obviously my idea of adding maps quickly amd Fatsharks idea of adding maps quickly are two very, very different things.


I am glad new missions are being prioritized over classes, a good variety of maps and missions is a lot more important IMO.


I agree on this, although the slow pace of map release speed is infuriating. Also not an investigation or repair mission?

Also for me personally adding missions or classes doesn’t matter until we get some sort of crafting change.

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Yeah the fact that neither map is investigation or repair is the big shocker to me. Bit of a shame, Hab Drayko’s my favorite map. Nothing quite like it in the prior Tide games.

That tree at the end is a romantic spot for a picnic, no doubt

The plan was one new class per quarter, but they put that on hold because the game was so unfinished on release. I expect it probably won’t be until the console release that they actually get back on track with this.


What does that mean?

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Added you to the wall of heroes.


TBF the teaser for the 2nd new map seems like a giant moving platform we fight on, and i am 100% in for that.

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I was genuinely shocked there wasn’t a new subclass, especially if they’re about to go on a long Swedish break. Without further changes to the silo’d character resources and crafting system, I thought this would be the only compensatory explanation

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its funny…

you have to spam refine for 1 hour to get a perk you want, if you want to know how much dmg you did you are a literal nazi, but yet people are still shocked when the updates are goofy and the promises are broken?



They didnt make any promises about this update nor am I saying they did. I just expected more for the amount of time it took to put this out


There was QoL announced but not revealed. So maybe it still will happen. Don’t care myself

And it was only delayed once

lets wait for patch notes, there for sure will be bug fixes, nerfs, buffs and obligatory new set of bugs.

i just hope they dont break something that already works and then we gonna get series of hotfixes… which will be breaking new things

for once i am happy that at least there was some communication before patch on what it will be about

In the past there usually has been a com link talking about things before s major update, so that’s not really new. However I wish they would tell us what these “QoL updates” are going to be, so people don’t get weird expectations and we can finally now if this patch is worthless or not.

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