Weapon of Old 3: Magic Ingredients, Eshin Assassin, and Cavalry Pistol and Sword

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Sienna’s Ingredient

Magic has plenty of components that can play in power of Magic, the only problem is that 2 out of the 3 career depend on the Heat level to get some sort of buffs, those Ingredients would necessitate to either still generate heat (meaning you have a 2 mechanic to balance, can be hard) or to use them on a different attack. For simplicity’s sake, the ingredient would be used for a Special Attack, while the heat would be used for the normal/charged attacks

Those ingredients are often fuel for the flames (Coal, wood, oil, oddly enough not blackpowder) or or things that keep the flames in places (Ovenstone, Wrought Iron) and Aqshy’s symbol, a key (Ksy in Black Tongue)

Eshin Assassin

Eshin assassins appearing as a Warboss (Monster replacement/analogue)
Would use 3 blades (1 in each hand and a caudal blade), and smoke bombs to disengage, in place of being a disabler, it would be a monster with high mobility, but lower stagger, moving away from the U5 if it’s taking damage too fast, the smoke bomb can also serve as a line breaker in case the U5 use too much ranged attack upon him

Kruber’s Cavalry Pistol and Saber/Sword

As a melee weapon, is basically a Rapier and pistol, but with a heavier move set, using a heavier pistol, from the Cavalry regiments than Saltzpyre’s duelling pistol.

Since the pistol would be stronger, it would have a ammo pool, and a longer reload timer to compensate. The ranged attack as always would be attached to the Special Attack
Possible Implementation:

Possible Stat Implementation:
  • Ammo: 18 (internal reload: at 1.5s, work with any reload traits)
  • Block Angle: 90°
  • Block Cost: 0.6 - 2.0 (Just a bit higher than the normal sword)
  • Push Radius/Cost: 2.5/2
  • Stamina: 6
  • Dodge Count/Distance: 3/+15%

Since the Cav. Pistol and Sword would be in certain ways a ranged weapon and a melee weapon, it would have 1 ranged traits that can also be used:

  • Conservative Shooter: that way there only the ranged attack that can proc it
Attack pattern
  • Light attack chain make use of the weight of the Blade, using it to hack and slash horizontally and vertically (Left to right, right to left, overhead)
  • Heavy, use the weight and the point for single target attacks (Overhead, Heavy left to right)
  • Push with both pistol and sword; push attack as a Crossguard smash (high stagger)
  • Special attack: Shoot with the pistol (Close range, quite precise)
  • Special attack: If reloading, pistol whip (isn’t really a practical but it’s fun)

Next week (if work allow it)

  • Dawi Runes
  • Alchemical Bullets
  • Forsaken and Anointed

Loving the Cavalry Pistol idea, but I am not sure if bringing back the “ammo on a melee weapon” is a good choice.
Also, to distinguish it from Rapier and Pistol, maybe the special attack mechanic could be different?
Instead of “press Weapon Special to instantly shoot”, it could be “hold down Weapon Special to aim”, with the shot being done with a left click. This would make it a more “clumsy” weapon, for sure, but that would be a good compensation for acceptable damage from an unlimited source. (In addition to that, the bullet spread can be tweaked to balance things out even more)

(Keep in mind, I might be missing something important, or just be generally wrong.)

I don’t think you’re missing anything atm, I though about giving it an ammo counter for 3 reasons:

  • Have the pistol have a strong attack, but have it balance, taking into account that it should replenish the same the others do
  • Have more synergy with the Huntsman traits (those that refund ammo, or give power) without being to strong
  • In fact I would be favourable to giving the Rapier an ammo counter too (Same as the Kislevite Axe i talked about in the previous week)

I think, if a wepon has an ammo counter, it should probably be intended for a secondary slot (would prevent confusion and improper ammo management)

Giving the pistol a good damage can be balanced out in a variety of ways. But, if it is a MELEE weapon, then the effective distance needs to be low. I still remember the Beta days, when Saltzpyre’s rapier had no damage fall off and was one of the best sniper rifles in the game, despite taking up a melee slot.

Now that I think about it, the Cavalry Pistol special could use the “squeze trigger” system simmilar to Bardin’s Big Iron Machinework Pistol. So you have to commit by holding the button to actually shoot, instead of pistol-punching non stop like it is currently possible with Saltz… (Also, how should it behave with block? Since Saltz can safely shoot while blocking)

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