Weapon of Old 2: Beastlord Spear, Warp Grinder & Kislevite Axe-gun

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Beastlord Spear and Whip


Melee weapon used by the Beastlord of Karon Kar and Clar Karond, the Dark Elf city of the beastmasters and their quarry
Armour Piercing, Fast attacks, Versatile

Possible Implementation:
Working as a one handed spear, with an accompanied whip working on it’s “Special Attack” and possibly in certain attack pattern,

Special attack: Whip, long ranged attack that deal bleed

Warp Grinder

Would follow the same treatment as the Warpfire and the Ratling Gun teams did (Weaker, lighter and composed of a single Skaven), appearing as a Special, hunting down groups of heroes (rather than hunting single heroes)

Possible Implementation:
Armoured like the Warpfire having similar weakpoint on their back (Representing their Generator)
Strike the ground when in range of heroes, causing units around to be staggered (thrown to the ground if right next to it)

Bonebreaker Rat Ogre

Rat Ogre augmented with Warpstone Drills, slower than the normal rat Ogre and less armoured than the Stormfiend, strikes the groud periodically to stagger the heroes.

Possible Implementation:
Slower Rat Ogre, loosing the long jump but get a new attack:
Warp stone Grinder: Strike the ground to deal a big AoE stagger before hunting the heroes

Kislevite Axe Gun

For Saltzpyre, being the most likely to use exotic and foreign weapons (Being a WH), this weapon is the new version of the Streltsi, a weapon combining both a gun and an axe into a single weapon
High Damage, Shield Breaking and Armour Piercing

Possible Implementation:
[V1] Melee weapon, acting as a 2h axe with the “Special Attack” being used to aim the gun part, the ammo system would be like a ranged weapon (Having a better attack than the Rapier), having base 10 shot and would be refuelled at the same time as the ranged weapon (Either Ammo Box and ammo replenishing traits or other). If it’s possible without breaking too much stuff, let ranged and melee trait be rolled onto it (if not possible, just have the melee ones)
Light: Overhead>Sweep>Sweep
Heavy: Overhead attack
Special Attack: (Held) ready gun part
Right: Aim
Left: Shoot
Reload like on a normal weapon
[V2] Ranged weapon like Kerillian’s Briar Javelin, using the “Special Attack” to get a chain of of light attack (Less interesting in my opinion)

This change cod be accompanied by a Rapier change where the special attack is buffed in damage but get an internal ammo counter

Next week:

  • Sienna Ammo Pool weapon
  • Kruber Cavalry Pistol and Sword
  • Enemy Eshin Assassin & Eshin Triad

I actually would really want the axe gun on Merc and FK as a melee slot weapon.

Yo, two ranged weapons. Could simplify the mechanics so you don’t need to activate ranged mode with weapon special (I hear most players don’t even know where it’s bound and that it’s inconvenient for console players). Maybe replace push-attacking with aim and firing.

My reason for specifically Merc and FK:

  • they’re not ranged careers
  • Merc has to sacrifice legit talents if he takes Black Market Supplies for more ammo
  • a close to mid range/middle of the powerscale sniper is a niche that neither replaces nor overpowers the rest of his arsenal. By middle powerscale I mean capable of hitting only headshot breakpoints and maybe one and only one bodyshot breakpoint, unless it’s point blank, I guess? :man_shrugging:
  • I want a bona-fide axe on Kruber.

Would look handsome on Huntsman, he’s already got the hat for it.

I imagined it on Saltz because as a Witch Hunter, he is the one that could have the easiest time getting such a weapon.

Maybe replace push-attacking with aim and firing.

Would that mean you can’t block at all (Since Push attacking is developed by blocking)

Nope, but now I can see that being even more awkward pushing into an aim and fire :confused:

WoO 3 will be next week for personal reasons

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