Weapon of Old 1: Doomseeker, Warlock Engineer & Sanguine Sword

Planning to talk about some weapons that could be hard to implement but could be fun to see:


(The real name of the weapon is “Whirling Blades of Death” which is worse sounding)

Heavy Aces spun on long chains, used exclusively by Slayers (Though maybe it could be used by Rangers and Outcast Engineer), those Doomseeker fight alone, as their chains can be dangerous to their own allies.
Featured in:

  • White Dwarf Uk
  • Storm of Chaos

Possible implementation:
Special Ranged Weapon, or rather second slot but acting as a melee weapon
Special Attack would change the length of the chain
Close range
Light: Pulling the chains throw them forward and backward
Heavy: pull both chains and then throw down the axes
Long range
light: long sweep side to side
heavy: pull both chain from different chains

Warlock Engineer

Clan Skryre and Skryre-thrall clan, wielder of Warpstones weaponry and deadly apparatus, have access to varied weapons and magical skills

Possible Implementation:
Presenting a new class of enemy “Warboss”, replacing the Monster random apparition in the missions, but is more Lord sized (in this case, same size as Skarrik Spinemangir)
Weapon: [V1] Sword and Flame Caster; [V2] Halberd (Warp Lightning)
Has limited ranged capacity but can have good area denial, slow and armoured
Warp Lightning: Work like Azyr weave, a AoE attack centered around the location you were on

Sanguine Sword

(No official picture ever shown but Mesmer/Virtuoso from GW2 can give an idea)

Spell of the lore of Aqshy, summon up to 6 red blades that float around the casters, at it’s command it can then flow toward a target, and when done it can be called back or ordered toward another target

Possible Implementation:
Sanguine Staff:
When out, 6 swords (Or how many remained) materialize around your hand/over your head
Light: Shoot a single Sword on release, can be held to charge the blade for increase dmg (Sword glow brighter when charged), has a minimum heat level but it increase when charged
Heavy: Charge all remaining Swords successively, each with a higher heat cost, can be released at any moment to throw all Charged Swords
Special Attack: Reload Swords (If no swords left light attack will summon a single sword and then charge it)

Next Week:

  • Kerillian Beastlord Spear
  • Saltzpyre Kislevite Axe
  • Enemy Warp Grinder

My favourite class.

Also I’d just like to see some more crossover with slight changes in general. Crossbow on Kruber, etc. Lowest effort new Weapons.

Pistol/Hand Crossbow (not sure if that exists in End Times) with a 1H is something I want to see more of too.

Weapons with weird Special Attacks and Utility are always cool, and CC Weapons can be interesting. Still waiting to see if they implement something like slows or roots.


The Dark Elf have such a weapon

And yeah I think there plenty of CC that can work without being too overbearing (like being thrown away by a Rat over over a cliff)


Shade overhaul and add this Weapon when? :upside_down_face:

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