Weapon of Old 4: Runes, Forsaken and Anointed, and Alchemical Bullets

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Bardin’s Dwarven Runes

Runes are the magic of the Karaz Ankor, letting them practice their magic without suffering the mutation of the Magisters. Runes can be put on weapons and armours, such as the Ironbreaker, but also on Trinkets, artillery and on Banners.
Banners and artillery wouldn’t really work (due to needing a banner, and Bardin not being an artillery piece) but all other three could potentially be used:

Mechanic Wise:

Taking inspiration upon TW Warhammer2's Thorek, the rune would be fuelled by melee combat:

Thorek’s Klad Brakak is a Master Crafted Hammer that bear the rune of Doom, those runes recharged via ambient fighting can then be struck for devastating effect
In this regard, any rune weapon would get a Heat system, letting you build up heat by simply striking your target in melee combat and then exchange the generated heat for the Rune attack, this heat would vent way faster than the current heat system and would not cause any explosion when at the top of the gauge

The Rune effect could be either a buff (Rune of Fire, Impact…) or an active effect either on the weapon or on an talisman (Rune of Spite; Challenge; Dismay…)


Forsaken are the Chaos Warrior that are powerful enough to have gotten multiples gifts, unlucky enough to become crazed, and have enough self control to not devolve into a Chaos Spawn.

Gameplay wise, they would be Chaos Warrior with added upgraded health (on par with a Spawn) and still mostly armoured (apart from the back where the armour that didn’t grow enough would leave gaps, Capable of shrugging most attack his way, targeting his uncovered flesh is a priority while evading his Mutated limbs

Possible Mutations:
  • Beweaponed Extremities: Give the Forsaken a weapon for an arm (Or a big arm as simple weapon)
  • Grossly Fat: Giving a bigger appearance to the Forsaken
  • Pincer Hand: If not Beweaponed
  • Blood Substitution: Hits cause small blood spurt to arise, blocking the U5’s vision (Insect, fire, water, anything)


As monster could be supported by unnamed Warboss (To echo the named Warlord that we already face), the Specials could instead be joined by a new group of enemies, small listing without too much info:

  • Appear just like a special (health wise and announcement) or as an Elite
  • Doesn’t teleport and rather walk like the normal Specials/Elite (Flame rat, Packmaster, Globadier…)
  • Can mix with hordes and doesn’t simply push them away
  • Can be staggered
  • Has a bound spell with an internal reload time and a cast time that can be interrupted
  • Low to mid range (Spell), if the U5 are too close, either flee or goes into melee (depending if it’s supported by close allies ?)
Skaven Anointed: Plague Deacon

Armed with a tome and a simple knife, has a bell (to locate more easily), same armour level as the Plague Monks
Bound Spell (Only one):

  • Black Hunger: Frenzy spell on nearby allies (Visual effect: Green Glowing eyes)
  • Infecting Gaze: By the gaze of the Anointed, the hero lose some stamina or dodge distance (50% less ?)
    Skaven Lore of plague spells
Beastmen Bray Shaman

Staff and Axe or staff only, is loud and always braying
Bound Spell (Only One):

  • Primal Onslaught: Frenzy spell on nearby allies (replace the Black Hunger)
  • Bray-Scream: Stagger the U5 (Close range AoE)
  • The Flock of Doom/Crow’s feast: Summon damaging Crows in a large area, those crow are magical and can pass through walls, can be blocked but cost stamina
    Wild Magic
    Ghur/Beast Magic

Saltzpyre’s Alchemical BoP

Just like the BoP but with a flame cloud and a DoT, would have less ammo overall and no heat mechanic or heat mechanic but way weaker Dot/cloud, as it would have a AoE the reload would be slower (to show that you need to be more careful with them

Next week:

  • Grenade Launcher Blunderbuss
  • Sprites
  • Surprise (I don’t know yet)
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Actually, with the release of Tome&Hammer, a similar chargin mechanic could be used as well. Maybe.

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I will admit that Tome and Hammer was what made me think about it, but I wanted a different mechanic none the less (Though I did at first think about this mechanic for an all melee Sienna

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