The 7 chaos rune-swords

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I was wondering, is there anything on the topic of the seven rune swords mentioned in the dlc [a dialog between Saltzpyre and Kruber reveal that there are 7 rune swords like blight reaper and that one of them is in possession of a necromancer (hint to next dlc?)]. I haven’t heard of chaos rune sword in Warhammer battle. Chaos weapons yes, but never rune swords. I tried to search on interwindofmagic but i found nothing. Is it a lore only in game (which would be pretty awesome from the writers of the game) or is it something in the universe?

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The specific set of rune swords that include Blightreaper seem to be Vermintide only, but it doesn’t mean much since pretty much any Chaos weapon of note are covered in runes. They might also be going for a Chaos counterpart to the Runefangs of the Empire - a set of Dwarven-made and very powerfully Runed swords that is the symbol of office for the Elector Counts.

Also Chaos Dwarves have their own ‘traditions’ of Rune Magic and Rune Forging.

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Yeah the rune fang are the closest fit. But i must admit i like the idea! And because it said to be seven i wonder if this is the DLC plan of fatshark! Thanks for your answer dawi!

I think Grungi Ironheart is the dwarf given credit for the Blightreaper, but in something like 6th or 7th edition WHFB there is a weapon called simply “Chaos Runesword” which is made by him too - so it’s in the lore that the Chaos Dwarf made a runesword. IT never mentions seven though.

Mmh! Tasty lore! Thank you. Thats very interesting to see that there actually are ties. Even small ones.

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I’m a bit confused by the terminology FS used… They say ‘renegade runesmith’ (in the trailer) which combines the early name of the chaos dwarfs (chaos dwarf renegades, old stuff) and runesmith, which afaik is only used for uncorrupted dwarfs. So is Grungni a chaos dwarf who happens to be good with runes or is he an uncorrupt-born and later runesmith who went renegade (if thats even possible)?
All that i found is that chaos dwarfs use rune-hardened metal, and this stub:

Which i would assume from that he was a true runesmith before he went renegade.

Interpreting the dialogs i heard [and that is as far as a truth or a certainty as it can get] Bardin say to Sienna who asked “Is he a mad one or a proper deviant” (something like that) “Rotten as they come zahrrin” I would go for the idea that it actually is a runesmith (not a chaos dwarf then) that intentionaly did a chaos rune sword. By searching more with the data given by Argonaut14 i found that:

This evil blade was forged by the deluded Dwarf Runesmith Grungni Ironheart, secret and embittered worshipper of the Chaos Gods.

The bearer gains +1 Weapon Skill, +1 Strength and +1 Attacks.

It is in fact a ingame mechanic, so grungi ironheart , the mad runesmith is canon. (cost 65 point)

So it’s not beyond possibility that he made more than 1. That naughty little fella.

7 DLC would be AWESOME!

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