New Chaos Specials

I was having a bit of fun with the monster spawner mod when I saw those two buddies :
chaos_tentacle_sorcerer (followed by chaos_tentacle)

The second one can’t even be spawned, so it may just be a project, or cancelled by Fatshark.
Bit the first one got EVERYTHING he needs to be in game except a different skin/voice from Leech (he even got a different idle animation).

The Plague sorcerer walk around like a Leech, before teleporting a casting a Clone toward the team (just like a smaller Halescourge). Damage are applied, hitbox seems fine… And concept is great, I’d love to fight this guy.

Fatshark, is this guy under work right now, or is he cancelled due to something ? (If we could have info about the tentacle sorcerer that would be nice too :3)


This guy was actually in on the the initial gameplay footages we got, seems like he was scrapped for some reason.


This is pretty sweet, i really like the idea and variety it would add. Bump for info.

May have been like the warpstone eyed skaven in screaming bell, where GW didn’t like it so they removed it.

Quite common to have dummied out content left in the game files. Iirc, it has been a thing at least since the 8-bit days. Sometimes (e. g. in the case of Fallout 2, iirc) these have been quite extensive, and drawn out to be played by modders.

In this particular case, I suspect it was just thought that it wouldn’t bring anything really new into the game, as the sorcerer sounds like he’d just be a Chaos ranged special, and unimpressive one at that. Part of the reasons for scrapping might’ve been to give Halescourge a bit more unique spells.

Of course, we don’t know what things DLCs will bring in the future. Perhaps tentacles, perhaps something else.

I would absolutely love to see new enemies (especially a whole faction like Beastmen). But I think it would be super important for them to be worked into the whole game, not just on specific DLC maps.

I think it’s the same reason they had to nerf the Globadiers initial orb damage. Instant damage that’s not always easy to avoid just becomes too hard to deal with.

Yeah I think it would be fun/fine if properly forecasted via an unmistakable and aggressive callout though and if the damage was tame. They could even have it just do 1dmg as the CC on it is pretty aggressive and would create interesting chaos, especially during hordes. Much like a Celestial Wizard’s Wind Blast spell.

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