Skazdumi for chaos wastes?

Just got that “introduction to Khazalid” yesterday in my loading screen… If I remember correctly @Winthiefow already made a post back in June 2018 about new sorcerers in the data of the game, especially one summoning tentacles.

Insert “Oh, yeah. It’s all coming together…” meme.

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Wasn’t the Tentacle Chaos Wizard taken out because he did the same thing as the Leach ? Only in place of pulling by magic it pulled with a Tentacle and was taken out as it wasn’t useful ?

Also it had the same model if I remember correctly

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When was this? I played during the closed beta test and only saw the blightstormer and leech.

Ofc during the closed beta test, the blightstormer and leech shared the same model as FS wanted to keep their official appearance a secret.

Yeah, i remember it the same as Arthadaw. Nothing new, sadly.

I think they talked about it when people took the model out of the game to see them (Like the Zombie)

Here you can see someone who modded them back into the Game

Where he explain the cut unit


Hu… didn’t know that interesting stuff, thanks for the info! ^^

Bilechemists (those mini-Burblespues that cast a single plague wave) have been reanimated for the Onslaught mod. They spawn as adds during the Halescourge finale, etc.

Dang that looked cool af!

Wish it didn’t get taken out

Oh man, that tentacle wizird was a disappointment, no wonder it was taken out.
Now the exploding zombies, they might add some flavor.

You’re familiar with the suicide rats in the game? Those that explode in your face and can’t be dealt with in melee without avoiding damage at all? Yea, hell no. I thank the gods that they were removed from all spawn pools in Weaves for S3.

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Problem with exploding rats is that their explosions weren’t REAL explosions, they were AOE player tossing damage, each rat was immune to the other’s “explosion” and killing one didn’t kill the others, if they were actual rats with actual in-game barrels attached to them, then things could be better.
The zombu also could use a better work around his explosion, prefebly if it stagger other enemies.

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I agree with you there, well said. An exploding enemy who could be dealt with in melee one way or another could be interesting, however.

Can’t the Gaz rat explode ? Like he throw a tantrum and run toward the heroes

Could start a fuse timer on the rat when you push them down where they’ll explode after a little bit, so you can run away?

That tentacle looks nasty. Fitting for Nurgle but not for my eyes.

Uhh they could be an interesting mechanic for a lord fight!

I agree that as a special they’d be like the leech, but it could be a mechanic like the flies, where an ally has to hit it (melee or damage threshold) to free it, but unlike the flies, it would drag the captured pc away.

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