Give Siennas Flame Sword an alternate fire mechanic

As it stands only saltzpyre is the only one with an alternate fire on his melee weapon ( being his rapier that fires his pistol for no ammo cost and does respectable damage ) and it seems weird that a character who is a battle mage doesn’t have the option to fire a projectile for a weapon they wield 1 handed you could even just make it a perk for her “Unchained” career being able to throw an alternate fire “fire bolt” and make it create a little bit of overcharge. I just think it boggles my mind how something like this wasn’t implemented in the game and was a missed opportunity to vary up some of the game play with classes


Maybe use the fire stored in the Flame Sword for some Firebolt or something and make the fire disappear from the weapon for a given period of time, because it has to “recharge”.


I think thats actually a really good idea it incentive’s using your sword and building up that charge before you can unleash your ranged ability

Im in favor of this idea!

Just wanted to chime in here. The pistol is kind of crap. Slow rate of fire, does less damage than a normal pistol even at point blank range and has such short range that it cant kill a basic skaven a few meters away with one shot even to the head. :rofl:

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