UI lowkey game breaking bug

So after the WoM update ive started having an issue where some ui has a black backdrop but certain windows the backdrop is overtop of the interactable part of the windows, things like talents tab are unusable and mission select and challenge book are entirely unusable.

Following screenshots are from my game post update, running with DX11 on lowest quality settings


I am suffering from the same problems ever since the big update. Does anyone know how to fix?

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Am in the same boat

And here I thought I would have been able to actually use what I spent my money on :slight_smile:

You can technically still play the game if you are pulled into a game via joining a friend but that adds a tedious step that not everyone may have constant access to

I am having the same issue, i also have it on pretty much every interactable in the keep, i cant even start missions. I can play with someone else starting the mission though

Having this same problem as well, just as it appears here. Seems like I can still select interactables but they are entirely invisible, not sure if that’s quite what OP is dealing with. Can’t wait to hear a fix for it since it seems like most of the people I play with aren’t having these issues at all. Really. Can’t wait.

Could you all share your PC’s specifications with me please, including your GPU driver version?

I cant remember my exact specifications, but my drivers are up to date, that was the first thing i checked. My game was working absolutely fine before the update, i even played about 3 hours before the update launched, but after the update i have this issue

We are investigating.
One thing to try is switching to the controller hud? Let us know if that fixes it for now

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The controller UI confirmed does not suffer from the same issue, and my exact graphics card is a little up in the air because it calls itself “AMD Radeon HD 7000 series” when no card is by AMD under Radeon HD is actually called that, but it is an old card which is why im using dx11 and not dx12, as dx12 crashes if i launch using that.

Try verify game files integrity in game properties via Steam library or reinstall game.

I have done both and neither helped, as well a correction on the controller UI fixing it, it fixes anything changed to be the controller friendly UI, this doesn’t help for the screens where the control stick controls a cursor and uses the PC UI

My card is listed as AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series
GPU is AMD FX™-4350 Quad-Core Processor
some older stuff, pretty sure I may also be using dx11

Same problem. Was working fine before the update, now I get black screens with certain menus.

CPU: i5-2500k
GPU: MSI Radeon 6950 Twin Frozr II.
Driver Packaging Version: 15.20.1062.1004-150803a1-187674C
Catalyst Version: 15.7.1
2D Driver Version:
Direct3D Version:
OpenGL Version:
Mantle Driver Version:
DX11 as DX12 crashes at start-up

Edit: I was able to get all the menus back except for Orki’s Challenges by switching to the Beta Controller HUD. Okri’s is completely black.

Edit2: I played a match and the loading and victory screens are also black. The scoreboard does pop up and the chest announcement also pops up though.

Still no patch to fix? :c

We are still tracking down, if you have this problem can you post your graphics card, would help us find and fix

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Same bug
amd radeon 6950

Yes, i am running 2 Radeon 6950 cards in crossfire.

Same issue, also using Radeon HD 6950 series.

From what I’ve been seeing this bug only seems to be so far happening to old AMD cards that can’t run dx12 without crashing, so far it looks like mine has been the newest thus far either being anywhere from the AMD Radeon HD 7750 to the 7990 which encompasses the 7000 series