In-Game Notification Failure (SHIFT+TAB)

The recent STEAM UI update has caused an issue where the built-in browser (SHIFT+TAB) fails to display properly.

The tabs and close options in the following image appear blank. Interestingly, this problem only occurs in Vermintide 2, as other games work fine when opened.

Another issue is that when a friend sends a message, it doesn’t appear in the bottom-right corner as it should. I’m not sure who to turn to for a solution, but it would be great if Fatshark could assist in resolving this problem.

In addition to what OP is describing, I also have the issue that the entire Steam Overlay UI is locked on the dimensions of the Vermintide Launcher which results in all the UI elements of the Steam Overlay being cramped in the upper left corner (2560x1440 resolution) without a way to drag them elsewhere or resize them.

Steam Overlay in Darktide works fine without any of those issues.

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Over a month late but are either of these issues still a thing @kuli, @A.NO? Seems solved on my end but wanna confirm.

Thank you, the issue has been successfully resolved.
All aspects of the webpage are now displaying correctly! Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

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