Keyboard issue #1 (Shift brings up Steam overlay)

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  • Steps to reproduce the issue

There are two variations.

  1. Alt+Tab to Windows
  2. Return to VT2
    3.a If Caps lock is active, first time a Shift key is pressed will bring the Steam overlay to the front. Pressing Shift key again will (usually, at least since I started testing it) remove the Steam overlay. Note that this can happen even if you are writing a message.
    3.b If Caps lock is not active, the issue described under 3.a will occur, but only if the Shift key is pressed within a certain period after returning to the game. The period is usually short.
  • How consistently the issue occurs for you

100% so far.


I have had this, too.


Yes, me as well. No idea if it’s a problem with steam instead of Vermintide though. I just rebound the keys for steam overlay.

Since I’ve been now watching actively for the issue, I have since realised that 3.b also depends on whether I’m just messing around in my own keep - it’s very short then - or I’m a client, where the period can extend for a long time.

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