My solutions to the abysmal UI and menu screens


Hey, this is a quick post to vent my peril/disappointment of seeing the state of user interface in this game and also to suggest some basic suggestions to make it look better. Did the guys behind UI have ANY experience in this field at all? Just look at this stuff and try to not crack up lol. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to pick on anyone but somebody actually got paid to sketch this up.

Mission Table Menu
Here are my requests. Allow us to host any mission we want at any difficulty we want and pay for bonus objectives and modifiers as if we were contracting it. Like in Payday 2. You know… Your competiton. You surely know about that system being there after doing a decent market research. Right? This will still motivate the player to use the mission table to farm but at the same time allow the player a free choice of playing any content in the game they wish.
Also what is this “Activate Windows” message in the bottom right corner of the screen that I get whenever I play the game? I got some new PC parts and after the newest update, it keeps appearing when I’m trying to play. Literally unplayable. /s

The new mission table (add hosting ANY map too) ^

Morningstar Menu
Personally I’d rename the “operative” tab to “inventory” as it would be less confusing to new players but maybe that’s just me. Even with over 100 hours in the game I still sometimes search for the inventory tab lol. Also, why do we have to go into TWO loading screens just to swap our characters? Was downgrading everything from the Vermintide series the plan all along? Remove the loading screens by adding a pop-up menu… I’d also love to be able to open up the crafting menu and the mission table straight after loading in without the duty of having to sprint from the spawn to the interactable elements on the Morningstar. It’s cool the first few times and great for roleplayers but it’s already kind of boring so I imagine it won’t get any better when I get past the 500 and 1000 hours mark. I get it that you want a LIVING, BREATHING and ONE MORE CATCHPHRASE world but you don’t have to gut the QoL features from Vermintide to make that happen while forcing the players to waste their time on mundane activities. Add these two new tabs and allow us to use hotkeys effortlessly navigate the menus. We can already use “I” to open up our inventory. Bind “C” for crafting menu, “V” for weekly contracts and “M” for the mission table. If you want us to navigate the Morningstar more then just add actual activities there. I don’t mind going to Psykhanium since it’s not a basic functionality. Having to go EVERYWHERE in order to access basic functionality is exhausting and hurts the game more than the lack of “immersion” because some randos don’t run around my Morningstar. It’s either quality of Fatshark or you owe use bikes and skateboards to traverse the ship Fatshark.

Before and after of the Morningstar menu.

During-Mission Menu
The “Social”. A quick way of changing that tab so that it no longer sticks out is to rename it to a “Social Menu”. Also remove the gap. I get it that each of the menus you have is a template that you reuse but in this case you need to change it because it looks bad as if it was bugged. Add a weekly contracts page so that we can inspect the missions we should be doing when on the fly and also dailies when we get there. Add a check penance system so that we can check them when spectating other players or just waiting for somebody to comeback. It would be a very useful addition and wouldn’t clutter the UI at all.

Before and after of the during-mission menu.

Thanks for reading and sorry if I didn’t sound too nice. It always pain me when people don’t learn from their mistakes and it pains me even more when they go out of their way to break what worked well and didn’t need any fixing. Also consider adding more loading screens. I’ve seen this one hundreds of times now. Cheers.


Let me join here (dont wanna make new topic :D)

Let as move our characters up and down, well its esthetic for me, but i can see myself using it in other ways too when i know i did weekleis on one character move it down rinse and repeat.

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oh oh, and allow us to change the character’s name. don’t you tell me that would cost me 5 bucks, yes?

Not sure what the difference is between “Social” and “Social Menu” especially when it’s added with the comment “So it doesn’t stick out” when adding it is for sure making it stick out.
No other menu button has “Menu” in them.

I agree with adding Penances and Contracts to the menu though as well as adding days to the countdown.

Ah this QoL would be great. People change mains and the love to organize. Simple as

I love your suggestions GUI.
However I also love that now you have to run to shops and missions, it gives better immersion.
So, I’d love that book with penances as well ;D