New UI feedback *Now with poll!*


So lets get straight to the point, i really do not like the UI that got launched today.

It feels much clunkier and less well optimized, you need to click more to view the same info and switching between sub-pages isnt as smooth at all.

I really liked the older more compact viewer by far, both for inventory as well as selecting gamemode’s and whatnot.

  • Like the new UI
  • Dislike the new UI
  • Dont mind either

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I feel like this needs a little bump. I personally agree. The UI is clearly made with controller in mind and not mouse/keyboard. Nearly everything I used to do previously felt faster to accomplish. Like simply switching weapons/equipment opens this whole submenu you have to traverse back and forth instead of the old one where everything opened on the same window.

Sure there are probably elements that I’m simply not used to yet but this is something that i constantly notice when i want to change something or simply hop into a quickplay. Every element you interact with is top of the screen, while also having lots of elements on the bottom. Its simply not as smooth or fast as the previous one.


I think this is my main problem with it. Followed by how everything is so huge. OK, weapon icons in the inventory - the size is better than before - but almost everything else…


i dont dislike the new UI per se. But parts of it could use some work:
-the setting for “limit UI scaling” should be ON by default. I’m playing on 1440 p and without this setting the UI looks horrible.
-the button for other careers should be placed somewhere else. Also the icon doesnt fit the function. Maybe it be better to just have another tab called “Roster”, “team” or something.
-the crafting section is horrible. the icons dont fit and the inclusion of subsections without a fast way to switch between them makes the already tedious process of crafting equipment even worse. (then again i dont like the crafting system anyway since its confusing for new players and tedious for veterans)
-the “esc”-menu is fine, but the line on top looks bad. either make it a frame or put another line to the bottom or just leave it out. the x in top left doesnt make any sense either. its not like you are using a mouse to access the menu anyway.

one thing that really bothers me tho is not the UI itself. the UI clearly took a lot of work even tho its far from perfect in its current state. but at least from what im reading in this forum, nobody called for a UI rework. the UI was working just fine. there are so many things that need fixing in this game. so wasting a lot of hours on something completely new which can be anticipated to need even more refinement later on, seems not only like postponing but completely counterproductive since it just adds to the to-do list.
In german something like this is called “arbeitsbeschaffungsmaßnahme” which losely translates to “job creation measures”.

Only thing I like from that console ui is that you can check for missing illusions, rest is atrocious

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