Controller HUD/UI Feedback [Ongoing]

First off I want to say that I think that the new controller HUD/UI is a big improvement both in user friendliness, style and appearance. I’m saying this even though it was created for the usage with controllers and I’m using it with mouse & keyboard exclusively.
So my personal feedback will be from the perspective of using it with mouse & keyboard.

  • Add a separate slider for HUD scale

Bottom right corner

  • Switch out the arrows below the usable items with the key bindings.
  • The order of Items (healing, bomb, potion) is not in order with the default keybindings and the huds of Vermintide 1 & 2. I would appreciate the old order.
  • Make the Item colors (on select) permanent but less glowy so you still have a selected effect. Both bomb versions are red maybe change that.
  • Seeing that your ult is ready is very well done but the way the cooldown is visualized makes it hard towards the end to see how much is left. Filling up the rectangle like a clock and/or tweaking the top edge a bit would help.
  • Pressing “esc” in keep opens Equipment instead of what I would call the “Esc Menu”.
  • In order to select an Item you can currently hit 2x M1 or 1x M2 why? 1x M1 should be standard.
  • Generally use the space. Show more Inventory items at once when there is space for it.


  • The description panel above the talents is permanently displaying the 1st talent.
    There is so much space here please just put the descriptions directly below the talents. No need for any hover/select action neither for PC nor console.
  • Please give us the exact talent effects with numbers back. (You know good old closed beta)


  • It would be nice if the selection thing (with the two skeletons) wouldn’t vanish upon selection but stay on the left side.
  • While salvaging items it’s not possible to deselect a single item that you selected by accident.
  • Crafting is not locked in the modded realm resulting in backed errors (crashes).

Spoils of War

  • There is no way to quickly access it anymore. A separate hotkey or adding it as a section of the “Esc Menu, Equipment, Talents, Crafting and Cosmetics” screen would be nice.

Quick Play

  • There is even more space for the always/never host option now.

Lobby Browser

  • It would be nice if the selected filters wouldn’t reset.
  • A column with ping would be a nice thing.
  • Make it possible to navigate it with the arrows/wasd mainly to browse available games.

I’d like to see the ammo permanently up on the pc hud like it is on the Xbox hud. It’s nice to see how much ammo you have and if you need to reload when you have your melee weapon out.


That’s something that should change based on the game detecting whether you’re using a controller or mouse/keyboard. I do know a few folks who play the PC exclusively on a controller.

I assume that’s to make a circular left / up / right sequence with the icons instead of left / right / up, as it’s probably more aesthetically pleasing that way.

That being said, they could retain the left / up / right and correct the order by simply remapping which item is used by the D-pad.

I would like to see that as well. The fire bomb could have little flames around its base or something.

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