Add Talents and Loadouts to Tab Menu

Hey there,

Thanks a lot for the new patch it includes many cool new features and elements I hoped for :metal:.

I would love to see a few more as well, notably a Player list Plus.

A simple showcase of your weapons, curios, talents and items as well as the ones of your teammates.
It has been one of the most beloved mods in Vermintide 2 for a long time and is also part of the base game today.
Adding this is a HUGE qol I can’t stress this enough. The knowledge of these things answers so many questions in split seconds, makes some risky communication in game unnecessary and is just overall a very useful feature.

Things that could be perfectly displayed:

  • Weapons (including their stats and traits)
  • Curios (including their stats and traits)
  • Talents (including a description display)
  • Items (including a value of how many there are for grenades, if it is considered too distracting in the base viewport UI)
  • Ammo values (Numeric for specific clarification, if it is considered too distracting in the base viewport UI)
  • Map Name
  • Difficulty Name
  • Player Names
  • Modifiers
  • Amount of Tomes and Grims collected

Additional Information:

  • Progression Percentage
  • Ping Value
  • A type of scoreboard
  • A Minimap

How the final product should look like is fairly unimportant to me. Important is that it contains these crucial information.

If you think that is too much information in one display, well it doesn’t have to be visible at all times.
Descriptions can be hidden and only triggered to display once you hover over the weapons etc, A scoreboard can be hidden in a second tab, eg press tab and then E to go to the 2nd tab menu page which could reveal something like that.

Making the scoreboard a choice by the players themselves would also solve possible issues related to bullying etc

Thanks for the great work as always