Talents in the Tab menu

The new Tab menu is missing one really important feature: The talents

When it comes to information, knowing the talents of other people is more important then their weapons and everything attached (though I do highly apprechiate what we got so far). That is because I can’t ideally tell how to play with those teammates. One example would be seeing someone run temp HP on kill, in that case I know to leave the last hits on monsters or elites to them. I’ve also unsuccessfully tried to check my own talents a few times already (as I was playing with Player List Plus so far), leaving me guessing what my current build is.

The Tab menu already has a functioning layout to just add this feature. I imagine something like dragging the mouse over the player portrait to view the talents the same way I drag it over the weapons to see the properties/traits.


They’re working on it afaik. Pretty sure some of the patch notes said they’ll add talents in a bit further down the line.

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