Show What Talents & Item Abilities Your Team Has

Ok so just a basic addition that came to mind now that I like the addition of the little logo that shows who needs ammo the most. I’m sure you guys have orange quality items like me that have various bonuses on them and it’d be useful if we could see what your allies have to show what items would be best for who.

For example, 25% chance that when I use a healing item it isn’t used up means that if the team needs a healing kit and there’s only 1 available it’d be best for me to collect it to try and hope for the bonus to heal more than one team member at a time.

This would be a small yet quick addition to patch in and would help teams taking on the tougher deeds and harder difficulties. This is an example of what it would look like:


Also, seeing what talents your team has selected would be good to show when you view them when you press tab.


I think it all should be visible only in ‘tab’ menu, because 2 many signs will croud the UI. But this feature is very much needed! I, actually, often find myself not remembering what items and tlants I use on this particular character atm, so wold love to see my own setup as well.


I was under the impression that the TAB menu was just for that and i was convinced that when game leaves beta all this info will be there…

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I’d love to see it in the tab menu as well.

However even if they don’t add it officially, there was a mod that did this for V1 and I bet we will see on here soon.

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Yeah, this would be a nice addition in the Tab menu, as others said. While some Traits are somewhat irrelevant to show others (e. g. Grenade replication), others (like Nature’s Bond) are quite vital and might earn their place in the usual UI too.

Also, if you’re like me and like to change careers and build relatively often, you occasionally forget to check or change your current equipment, so one’s own Traits visible in the Tab menu would also be useful.

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I bet they left some space intentionally, so modders could capitalize on it. Why don’t do it themselfs? I have no idea.

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