QOL Improvements needed - Icons - Icons for Team abilities

  1. We need an INGAME menu to tell us what our buff/debuff icons mean.

  2. We need more icons for weapon abilities that proc/stack.

  3. We need more icons for TEAM ABILITIES. IE, Say i’m an Ogryn. I’m on a team with 1 or 2 vets running Demolition Team. IF I know they have Demolition team on, I might use my grenades freely since I know there will be a constant supply. If I know they don’t, I’ll be more sparing.

But telling everyone what you are running is outside the culture of pickup groups. So give me an icon for effects I’m getting through coherency. And put text by the icon in the TAB menu so I know what it means.

  1. Tab menu also needs build reminders. Which feats do I have on? I changed something and forgot? Oh, that’s what I’m running. What perk is on this gun? Oh, there it is in the tab menu.

So please put all the information about my build, my weapons, my feats, my perks, and my buffs/debuffs from myself, weapons, or team into the tab menu.


HIT MARKERS. We have a hit marker for hit, kill, hit with reduced damage, weak point hit, but not weak point kill, and if we are shooting rapidly we might miss them.
Need marker for weak point kill, way to enlarge markers, way to have a chain of markers under crosshair which we can toggle on or off in settings.

(And please redesign the assault chainsword.)

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