okay the icons in the game like Coherency system. needs to tell you what buffs your receiving.
Aura Buffs should be shown.

Talents that are active not passive ones should be shown.
Veteran’s active ones are:
At Arms Length, Demolitions team, Duck and Dodge, Camo Expert, One after another, Deadshot.

psychic Communion, Psykinetics aura Kinetic shield, Mind in motion, kinetic deflection, kinetic overload, Kinetic Barrage.

Enemies within, Enemies without, Retribution, punishment, bloodletting, Holy fervour, Benediction, Inspiring excoriation, thy wrath be swift, Faith restores all, Rising conviction, fury of he faithful.

knife through butter, payback, bloodthirst, hard as nails, lead the charge, bullfighter, lynchpin.

you can use the symbols that have been assigned to the Talent as the marker, timing one you can do exactly like those plague effect or damage, small numbs to indicate. stacks, ect,ect

thoughts agree disagree modifications?

I would like to see icons for all the trait procs on weapons.