Buffs and debuffs icons?

Would be nice to have a complete buffs and debuffs bar.
Coherency aura buffs aren’t shown anywhere, for instance.
Talents being up or showing cooldowns should be shown somewhere too, the cooldown of that psyker talent that has a 10% chance to proc a BB every 15s for example.

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To add to this weapon blessings aren’t shown anywhere when active. Admittedly the buff bar might get a bit crowded with all that going on, but they could give us the option to choose important buffs to appear under the reticle instead. I would thoroughly enjoy that.



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I would like to see this and many other UI/UX fixes across the board, but the main reason that I, and probably many others are typically not engaging with or creating topics like these is because there are at least a couple of issues with the game that have a much higher priority at the moment.
Sure, it is also important and I am sure FS has this on some list, but there is not much to discuss here.
I mean, of course I want more information about my class, character and weapon (proc) statuses.

However, I am more worried about the stuff that’s in the game (because it shows intent through game design) as opposed to stuff that is missing, and I am more interested in whether these design choices are going to change, because if they don’t, I don’t see myself continuing to play that game as my main game. I might occasionally play a game or two over the week and just ignore the issues I have with RNG, progression and itemization.