A bundle of small QoL suggestions

  • Display push attack info in weapon info screen, as well as stats like crit chance. (which is higher for Combat Blade, for example) Darktide does a great job of providing detailed weapon stats, and adding these final stats would actually make it comprehensive.
  • Highlist the differences between similar weapons like Ripper Guns or Combat Axes, which are not clear for beginning players. Maybe add a general description to each weapon? Could provide some flavour text/background as well.
  • Track progress beyond max level, as outlined in this post.
  • List the sell value of items in inventory.
  • Add a locked/unclocked indication to each blessing icon. (I think this was announced at some point?)
  • Sacrifice weapons for blessings from inventory and/or sell items from crafting station. That way, “cleaning out” one’s inventory becomes much less of a hassle.
  • Allow us to add a few lines of text or at least a title to saved builds.
  • Player ready screen: (lobby?) show players loadouts, so as to make an informed choice on which build to run in random groups.
  • Display information on mission load screen: (when the team is sitting in the Raptor) mission parameters (difficulty, mods) + player loadouts.
  • BUG? - The random colours assigned to each player don’t always match: kill (top left) <> on screen (above character) <> status bars (bottom left)
  • Display basic weapon info (like keywords) in Brunt’s Armoury
  • Show character resources in character selection screen. (So that we can easily see who to prioritize for contract completion/farming resources.)
  • Show current max Toughness and HP in inventory. (Which would make prioritizing toughness/HP on curios easier.)
  • Make the icon of a big ammo bag stand out compared to small ammo (so that it’s more obvious when pinged to people on low ammo).

Thank you!

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