General Gameplay Improvements

Wanted to start a thread for suggestions that aren’t related to crafting, weapons and other in game systems, but the fundamental design of the game. Please feel free to add to the list!

Player Colours: We should be able to pick our own colors to represent our avatars. Often times when I’m playing sequential matches with a full team I can get confused due to the random colour assignment (as one team member may have the colour of another teammate from last match). Have it player selectable from the mission screen or cosmetics screen.

Enemy Death Queues/Sounds: We have queues for special mobs when they enter the map, for example, the click, click of the flamer, but it’d be super useful for them to have an “on death” sound as well. This will reduce the need for voice comms to say “Sniper down” etc. I know there’s a kill feed, but audio clues being so key in this game, it’d be great to have death queues.

General Weapon Loadouts: It’d be great if we could see both weapons that a character is using at the startup screen as these give clues about what weapons I could choose to better compliment the team. If I’m on my preacher and I see a real lack of horde control, I might take the flamer for example.


PS: If you wanna you know, give me some credit or something for these great ideas FatShark, I wouldn’t say no. :slight_smile:


Picking your own missions/difficulty instead of having to wait a whole day to get the mission at the difficulty you need…

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Allow Character Sort: Put up and down buttons to allow you to re-order your characters. That will allow us to have our most used characters at the top.

Blessing Descriptions: When you hover over a blessing, give a more detailed description of the ability. Also allow for hover over concepts like Brittle, Rending, etc.

Describe Effects Better: For example, Devastator. 2% damage per hit, stacks up to 10 times should be “Target takes 2% more damage from this weapons attacks, stacks up to 10 times.” These descriptions aren’t hard to write, heck I could write them for you.

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Penance Failures: When you’re doing penances and you can no longer achieve them, have an option to toggle notificaiton on and off. It really adds to frustration to finicky penences like “don’t take damage from melee in a malace” and you think you did it only to not get it.

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BONK!: When an Ogryn kills another ogryn with a club or blunt weapon, he should occasionally say “BONK!”.

Penance Listing: List what someone is missing in the penances. I shouldn’t have to write down what missions I’ve done to know what I’m missing.

Weekly Quests: Some quests are far easier to obtain then others and provide less rewards.

For example, 25 missions should be “get X experience”. Also it’s a slog and really sucks.