QoL suggestion: Add loadout information in game lobbies

Basically allow players to see each other’s loadouts and feats on the lobby screen. This would go a long way in encouraging better player coordination and team composition in public games. It would also make a-holes that drop out of a damnation game in middle of a horde fight just because they see the team Ogryn pull out a shield or a zealot a knife less of a pain in the ass since they’d drop out at the lobby screen now, lol.


Think the wargear before signing up to a strike team mission is a great place to discuss tactics and synergy anything at this stage with regard to swapping load out especially if we have more than one class sometimes it makes sence to have a rushing ogryn and a tanking or a backline but at the moment the only way we can strategise is by playing and learning our mistakes…

I suppose that’s why it’s better to have more heroes/classes, so you know what role they will typically perform… IMO there should be a range of colours to highlight the player’s feat choice so a specific build i.e. one that relies on bleed stacks to crit or do damage would be highlighted as RED or a Veteran with a Ogryn focus not Elite would glow orange… Maybe Fatshark could give some default builds that utilise a set of feats/weapons to basically prebuild a class for beginners and help guide toward a meta… and make this choice stand out on the strike team stage…

OR as OP suggests a TAB function that just tells people what builds people are running so can make an informed choice before going into the mission


I think part of this would need to be a way to pause the mission timer or something, I’ve joined a lobby way too many times to see I need an ap weapon but not have time to change quick enough (the new loadout system helps a ton, but it would still be nice to discuss strats on Damnation for more than max a minute).

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