Quickplay Suggestion To Help Loadouts

This game has a lot of avenues for customization not only between characters but all the equipment through both weapon characteristics and of course all the traits and such, which I think is awesome. Unfortunately the way Quickplay is done cripples a player’s chance to take full advantage of that since you don’t know the level, and thereby what to build against , until you’re past the loadout room. This game gets tough especially once you’re going against Burblepuke and all those guys. I’d try my best to gear for the level if I knew it was coming, maybe getting some Damage/Defense vs Chaos or quickly switching a Talent to increase my dodge speed or movement speed since you need to be nimble against him (honestly not sure how balanced those movement traits are but the example stands). Alternatively, if I knew I’d be doing Into the Nest and fighting the heavily armored warlord boss I might want Damage VS armored or just a completely different weapon in general that’s better suited for the inevitable legion of Stormvermin throughout the fight.

I’m not sure if this handicap is an intended part of the difficulty but to me it just feels like it’s smothering one of the games best qualities. If the level could be decided when the match is made and displayed in the lobby (like picking a level… but quickplay) then that would address it but I can see the concern of people cancelling and researching in the same lobby to try and get different levels. Allowing the player to view their equipment and talents (no crafting, maybe) for a brief area in the beginning of the level could be another option. I just think it would be very beneficial to let the players know what they’re gearing against considering its hard enough to warrant some good planning. I suppose I could just not do QP but then I don’t get a loot boost, but that’s another thread entirely :stuck_out_tongue:

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