Mission prep screen improvements

When you load into a lobby you get placed into a prep screen where you can change your wargear. The most obvious flaw with the current system is that you can’t switch classes, so I won’t expound on that.

Some minor changes that would really improve setting up a team, especially in pub games would be the following:

1.) Display equipped weapons for all players.
2.) Display equipped feats. Best would be all but at least those with team-related properties like Demolition Stockpile, Lynchpin, Bio-Optic targeting, etc.

That is all.

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A must have. There is a reason why we had V2 mods for some of that stuff.


also, as I posted recently, let us see ALL equipped weapons. I have no hope the FS will implement anything at this point, tho. They have shown their attitude towards QoL for the players.
not the reason to not ask for these, ofc.