Cannot change operatives at Ready screen?

Sorry I’m not playing without one psy or vet. And not being able to change prior to starting the mission once you can see your parties make up is crazy to me.

Will this be added in the future ?


I agree. This was an issue I posted following the closed beta.

Theres other issues with the ready screen too. As is, you can only see a single random weapon each character is holding. And to swap weapons, also requires swapping perks in some cases. Therefore switching a ‘loadout’ takes too long =we also need a save ‘loadout’ and quick swapping BOTH class and loadout on the ready screen.

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Yea a load out selection like DRG would be great. I can ditch my laz guns for others if I have a vet around.

Will heartily agree with this, the prep screen as it stands leaves to be a lot desired in terms of information on your comrades/the ability to swap characters. I don’t think we need to go as far as showing of Feat selection, but being able to see all weapon types (not even stats, just what type) would go a long way to helping make for a balanced team at higher difficulties.

Tangentially related, an optional ‘even spread’ queue where it puts you with one of each class (or no duplicate classes when we get more) would also be a nice feature to have for higher difficulties. Personally find the game a lot less fun when you’ve got 2 other psykers all fighting to pop the same head.

“No, you have to wait for the hub to load to change class, and nobody wants that in a pre mission screen” fatshark game design managers probably. honestly, I feel like someone was put in charge that just hates games? everything seems to be “i hate ppl that play games” in this…its all a big fk you.

I think this is because the game try (in theory at least) to match you with player of similar level if possible. And this wouldn’t mind if you were able to launch with a level 30 then change to a level 3 to get carried.

That would be the most probable - non technic- justification.

Then only allow changing to a similar leveled character. +/- 5 levels.

I would say it was an engine limitation like how Fatshark claimed was the reason you couldn’t change loadouts in-mission in V2 like you could in V1, but then they fixed character switching with the portal up in the keep so it makes me think it can be done, they just don’t want to because it’s tied again to the shopping mall called the Mourningstar.

Because you could queue up for difficulty 5 then swap to a level 1 dude maybe? Still a bad system.