Pre-Mission Loadout Preparation QOL Suggestions

Remember that screen in Vermintide 2 that tells you to switch a hero if yours is already being played?

Let’s adapt that to Darktide to show what your teammates are playing and the weapons they’re using.

It should have a timer (probably something around 10-15 seconds) and only let you change between your loadout presets. It should simultaneously be informative and capable of letting you change your loadout in a timely manner so you aren’t depriving other players of an additional teammate for a long while.

Since Darktide is less about hero synergy and more about weapon/loadout synergy, it would be nice to be able to see if I should change to my elite delete or specialist janitor loadouts to help fill in the gaps of my new team.

You already have the tech in place to pause joining a mission and inform the player of things. It would be immensely helpful and even reduce the rate of failure for an already under-utilized system like Quickplay.

For those that may not care and want to minimize the time it takes to join a mission from booting up the game to being in a game, you can disable this just like you can disable the hero selection warning in Vermintide 2.

And the ability to see players’ weapons and feats when you hit tab?

Yeah, that’s also a thing. Might as well bring that back, too. I can see there being less reason to bring this back in particular, but it would be nice to see what feats another player has to better adapt to their strengths on the go.


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