Loadouts and squad equipment

I would really like “loadouts” to be added, best would be 3 or 4 so I can prepare crowd Control, elites, bosses etc. and switch those in the mission preparation.

At the same time I would like to see the weapons my squad members are bringing (Just the name of the gun and melee weapon would be OK for starters).

For now we only see the melee weapon, but guns are missing.

This would help in squads where there are only one class present. So not all would for example run a “Elite Killer” loadout and then wishing one had brought a “crowd control” loadout or vice versa.


Totally agreed!
As of now we can’t easily switch between characters at the preparation screen, so if we could at least change loadouts (or just weapons) to coordinate between squad members, it would be awesome!

I went into a game where we were a bunch of preachers and an orgyn, we had 3 flamers… We couldn’t handle elites/snipers…

Would also love it if the mission gives some info on what you might encounter.

“Expect a lot of armor” for example. So you feel like you can prepare properly.