Allowing us to switch operative during pre-mission screen


Let’s keep things simple: I’d like to suggest a feature that allows us to switch the operative we’re going to use, whilst being on the “mission ready” screen where other players are visible before the mission starts. This would allow us to more easily achieve a desirable team whilst solequeuing, whenever it’s to get four unique classes, or allow for easier shenanigans like a 4 ogryn team.

While this wouldn’t guarantee every player is satisfied, as they can only affect themselves, this hopefully wouldn’t affect queue times and should be purely positive. However, I can understand that given the current way the game is structure, that this wouldn’t be easy to implement at all, technically speaking. In fact, the way I see it, it’s probably incredibly hard to code at the moment, but hopefully not impossible.

I’m hesitant to suggest this now given the current climate, as this suggestion would inherently fall at the bottom of the totem pole of priorities, but since there’s nothing stopping me from suggesting it again somewhen down the line, I’m using this post mainly as a way to test the waters with my idea and to see if other people are warm to it, so don’t hesitate to tell me what you think.

That is all, glory to the Emperor of Man!


Definitely something that should at least be considered for implementation. It is giving the players another choice to cater their gameplay to how they like it. They don’t have to add it now, but at some point it would be nice, like so many other QoL features that the game is lacking right now.

There isn’t really a detriment to this, so I hope it will be added at some point. If, for some reason it is unfeasible the way the game is made, I would love an overall statement over concerns about lacking QoL from fatshark at some point, that would clarify this.

I hope your suggestion doesn’t fall into darkness! :stuck_out_tongue:

But given the way that changing character is happening at the moment (seems almost to log you out and back in from the Mourningstar lobby) I can imagine there would be technical difficulties. I hope I’m wrong, though!