Let us change classes even after a mission was selected

When I join a quickplay game, that means the mission was already chosen. Thus, when I join and see that my choice of class doesnt fit the group well, I cant adapt to that unless I ask the host to cancel the mission and reopen it after I changed, which is pretty annoying.

So, please, give me the option to change classes at least (not characters, just classes) so I can switch from Mercenary to Huntsman if the group is melee only or from Bountyhunter to Witchhunter if everyone else plays a fragile ranged class.

Thank you.


Just cancel the mission and restart it. People do this and it isn’t a big deal.

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It is another inconvenience though. Especially when the host does not react to your request and/or doesnt understand English.


This isnt such a great idea though, because if you are going for quickplay and the host is looking for a specific mission then when he tries to restart then you´ll lose the bonus.

At which point many in that situation just quit, i did that a fair bit myself before i started using the hosting mod.

That and everyone were playing Skitteragate at the time, i got hella sick off it >.<


The thing is it used to work and was removed on purpose. It’s just that the purpose is unknown or short minded.


Best guess, changing character/class after the portal is opened cause instability.

But I agree with OP, it would be best if we would change even after a mission is selected, for situations like :

  • joining a quickplay and wanting to change to better suit the team composition
  • host select a mission and you want to change without having to refuse the vote and force the other players to vote again
  • one of the players quits, so you want to adapt (or take the freed character)

Seconding this, switching characters/classes is a huge pain with regards to bubbles for both QP and Weaves

Better yet, why not just let us pick our class after we join in. Even if the game is in progress. A menu pops up showing which classes are in play, you pick the one you want and then you take control of the bot and load in.


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