What's happening to quickplay server selection?

Every time I try to join a quickplay recently (like the last 6 weeks or so), i get offered every sever BUT the ones with open slots in the character I’m using. I’ve tested it a dozen times, checked to see what servers were up in the server selection screen, then drop back to quickplay and hit play in my chosen difficulty, and every server I get offered is one that requires me to change characters. Once it goes through this list then it opens a new server with me as the server host, or sometimes it will just keep offering the same unwanted server over and over again. I wouldn’t mind if I was just dicking around, but when i want to do a daily/weekly where I need to quickplay as a specific character, its getting seriously annoying. As it stands, I need to do my character missions and quickplay missions separately, which is a right PITA when time is limited (real life, can’t spend hours playing every day).

Options>Network>Matchmaking-Suggest other heroes (ON/OFF).

  • You won’t get offered other characters.
  • You can reroll dailies. I never do character quests.
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