"Suggest other Heroes"

The “suggest other heroes” option under network seems to not work properly atm. Not sure if its a beta issue or not though.
But when I want to play a quickplay I sometimes still get the window to join as another heroe even though this option is turned off.

I think that happens when there are absolutely no other games of the difficulty with the character you like available in QP but there are games of the difficulty with a slot free. Rather than let you sit there like a fool waiting to join it lets you know there’s no games available by offering you another hero.

It is probably a bug though ,as if there’s no games available for me it auto-hosts.

I think it happens when someone else connects to the same lobby you’re connecting to with the same character as you and loads in before you.

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Had “Suggest other Heroes” turned of during my 300 first hours, never happened to me, so it might be a bug, cause it should cause auto-host if there is no game with your current character available

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